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study | A scientist talks about two victims of sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassment and Sexism: The scientific community has been flagged by awareness figures revealed by the L’Oréal Foundation, but unfortunately it is nothing new in what women experience at work.

49% have been victims of sexual harassment in their workplace and half (47%) of the facts date back to the past five years, i.e. after the emergence of the #weather movement.

Isn’t it good for women to work in the scientific community? This is basically what studying is L’Oreal Foundation*Which indicates excesses in the research world with relentless numbers.

For 65% of these women scientists, this had a negative impact on their involvement in science and their careers. If the CNRS claims to have implemented measures to combat discrimination on the basis of sex, in particular the establishment in February 2022 of a “reporting” unit with specialized investigators, and the provision of psychosocial support to victims in partnership with France Victims Associationthe majority with 7 scientists out of 10 out of 5,200 people questioned – both men and women – consider attempts to prevent or combat sexual harassment at work ineffective.

Bad news when you know that the number of girls in science has “significantly decreased” according to the study by the Math and Science Group : it was more than 94,000 in 2019, compared to 36,400 in 2021. Sylvie Retayo, the current minister, announced that the budget for this fight would be doubled in 2023 and that the government would launch a campaign to raise awareness of consent.

*An international study conducted by Ipsos for the L’Oréal Foundation among 5,200 scientists in 117 countries

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