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On the eve of the debate on motions of censure, ministers go up to the panel

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On the eve of a crucial day with the debate over motions of censure, ministers are stepping up to defend the unpopular pension reform and the use of 49.3, without assuaging the anger of the opponents, who have been demonstrating for several days.

“I don’t think there will be a majority to bring down the government.”Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced to “The Parisian” on Sunday. But it will be the moment of truth. Is pension reform worth yes or no, the downfall of the government and political turmoil? The answer is clear no.And, according to the minister, the heavy weight of the government. “Let everyone take responsibility!”.

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According to the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, who has been implementing this reform for months, Of course, a motion of censure can always be adopted. in the National Assembly. “But for that, you must assemble a coalition of ‘against’ and ‘against’ to obtain a very heterogeneous majority without a common political line.”. the “the first goal” to the government “This reform is implemented to save our pension system.” And “we’ve got”he told the Journal du Dimanche.

Emmanuel Macron’s popularity is at an all-time low

According to the monthly Ifop scale published by the newspaper “JDD”, the popularity of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, collapsed in March to 28%, the lowest since emerging from the crisis. “yellow vests” In 2019. A survey was conducted before using 49.3.

After several days of mobilization and demonstrations, at the call of the trade union that included all the major organisations, the recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution by Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne, on Thursday, set the gunpowder on fire.

Myriam Rivault Dalonis: “This second term for Emmanuel Macron shows blindness to the reality of the democratic experiment.”

Since then, organized or spontaneous assemblies have been held throughout the territory, quietly or with excesses. Place de la Concorde in Paris, located near the National Assembly and the Elysee Palace, is now banned from assemblies, after clashes on Friday evening in this place, which has become a gathering point for opponents of reform.

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A massive rally in the south of Paris, invited by the CGT Ile-de-France, on Saturday evening turned into a parade, ahead of floods, various devastations and clashes with the police.

“deep disagreement”

In Lyon, the evening turned into a game of cat and mouse, between young demonstrators and the police, with 17 arrests, but without the violence witnessed on Friday evening in this city. In all, police carried out 169 arrests in France on Saturday, including 122 in Paris, according to the Interior Ministry.

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The demonstrators interviewed by AFP in recent days during rallies in France were expressing their anger, in the vast majority of cases by marching quietly, holding up slogans and banners. So, Leah Botet, 29 and project manager at the Agricultural Society, told herself on Saturday ” angry “during the assembly at night. confront the government “Deaf from all mobilization, it is important to demonstrate this weekend without waiting for motions of censure to be voted on”. “The association needs a sounding board in the street. We have to be there to show that we are in deep disagreement with this structural reform that affects everyone.”.

Motions of censure were discussed on Mondays from 4 p.m.

Republican President Eric Ciotti reported on Twitter that his parliamentary office in Nice was stoned – supporting photos – on the night of Saturday to Sunday, he said, ” the pressure “ So he can vote on a motion of censure on Monday. Supportive of this reform, he has already warned that his party will not vote ” no one “ Suggestions, so do not “Add chaos to chaos”.

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But a handful of MPs from his camp announced that they would at least vote in favor of the multi-party proposal put forward by the independent group LEOTT (Freedoms, Independents Overseas and Territories).

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The two motions put forward by Lyot and the elected members will be debated in the National Caucus, and put to a vote in the National Assembly on Monday from 4 p.m. Lyot’s proposal, which was signed by elected officials from Nupes, is more likely to be voted down by Whig MPs who are not pro-pensions reform than the RN’s proposal. However, it seems difficult to achieve the absolute majority impediment to bring down the government.

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