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On the day the government went to nine votes to overthrow it

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It’s 4 p.m., Monday, March 20, when the veteran of the Assembly will rise, head held high and face centered on the dais. Constantly elected for nearly thirty years, Charles de Courson hopes that he will make a mark with history. The pet rage of the presidential camp, Marne’s deputy carries on his shoulders all the hopes of the president’s critics: It is he who embodies, and must defend before his peers, the transgressive censure motion of Eighty-Ten. MPs and presented by his parliamentary group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (LIOT). This famous proposal was made the day after the executive’s endorsement on the issue of pensions, which, for several days, made every Macron sweat. The matter is not trivial: in the event of adoption, Elizabeth Bourne’s government would be brought down pure and simple and the Reformation buried.

Without flinching, de Courson – who a year ago supported Valérie Pecresse and her plan to retire at age 65 – delivers a speech of agreement without much rest. defense a “social republic” and one “free society” Where each person should be able to choose their moment of retirement, and deal with “denying democracy” which the Macronian camp could have engaged in. In front of him, in the first row, the prime minister does not blink. For extremes, the National Rally and especially La France Insoumise drink whey. In the episodes of parliamentarians in Telegram and WhatsApp, we count and count again. How many LRs would vote for this proposal against the advice of their leaders? In Eric Ciotti’s footnote, twenty minutes before the debates opened, it is estimated that it will be 18 minutes, more than the first predictions of about ten. Most of them tremble: “I don’t feel terrible…”slipping from the macaroons.

sequel after announcement

“49.3, 47.1, 44.3 … Macron in “excessive speed”

Macron’s warning

But three hours later, the macaroni breathed. Elizabeth Bourne was not overthrown. Disaster is not far away. 19 LR MPs having finally voted in favor of the motion championed by Charles de Courson (who, in total, amassed 278 votes in favor), would not have missed it ” that “ Nine sounds of the macaroni edifice with one knee on the floor. After the RN’s motion of blame was rejected in the process, the annuity text was officially adopted. In Hemiklaik, the ministers find a quiet place. Soaked for two months in a hugely unpopular repair project, the majority offer little relief. But the warning from Emmanuel Macron remains harsh.

It wasn’t chaotic Monday at the bike, however. No noise, no fury: the face of the council was almost the opposite of that which appeared last Thursday, the day the prime minister took up weapon 49.3. The successive speeches of the group’s chiefs were delivered with relative calm, with the notable exception of the Macronist Oro Bergi’s speech. It is true that the head of the Ennahda deputies took the opportunity to once again target her opponents: the far right, whom she likened to a “mime Marceau” ((She gestures, but does not speak.) and Nupes whom she accused of being a ” By foot “ for the front party. Aside from a few outbursts of anger, the session was not dominated by harassment. Even former rebel Adrien Quatennens, who took the stage on behalf of “unregistered”He was able to calmly reveal his anti-government argument.

Pensions: Did Bertrand and Wokes Pull the Strings Behind the Scenes?

stop in lost time?

At the center of the debates, Elizabeth Bourne was not spared. Including by its partners. Apparently not quite assimilated to Eric Dupond-Moretti’s controversies, President of the LR deputies Olivier Marlix, who nevertheless called for a vote in favor of pension reform, warned her: “An arm of honour, Madam Prime Minister, is not a way of governing.”. “I failed to rally and persuade and surrendered to the facility by avoiding the penalty of voting.” It was also shot by Charles de Courson. Is this a sign of further anxiety? Moreover, he could not run away from the prime minister because the entire majority was not united behind his cause: Not many majority MPs made the trip to Hemicik on Monday (only votes for a motion of censure counted).

How can the prime minister hold on now? The pressure now is great and the following hours promise to be crucial. In the evening, Bourne planned, according to many sources, to gather in Matignon all the heads of the majority groups (Renaissance, Prospect and Modem), as well as the President of the National Assembly, Yael Brown-Biveh. Meanwhile, the Elysee announced that Emmanuel Macron will receive his prime minister on Tuesday morning.

Is Elizabeth Bourne still standing? Behind the scenes of his freaky week

Still, many of the feline connoisseurs who turned up Monday at the coves of the Bourbon Palace hoped the day would end this agonizing sequence of retreats. We must enter a new political moment.Sylvain Maillard, deputy of the Renaissance in Paris. Meanwhile, demonstrations broke out everywhere in France, from Rennes to Paris, from Nice to Strasbourg, at the time of the official adoption of the pension reform.

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