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Is Elizabeth Bourne still standing?

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Night falls, but the Prime Minister has no time to wait for her advice. This Tuesday evening, two days before the Normandy landings which should seal the fate of the Assembly’s pension reform, Elizabeth Bourne counts and recounts. Repeatedly. For the umpteenth time, it’s about the great majority leaders. Phones are hot. In vain have the ministers spread the idea that voting is possible everywhere in the press, and she herself has assured in the circulation that the majority is there for this project, knowing already that her whole strategy – based on the support of the Republicans – is now very fragile.

Should the Fifth Republic retire at 64?

That evening, the seated majority leader saw the name of the head of government displayed on his cell phone. Five minutes later, his verdict was clear: “She’s not very optimistic, Elizabeth…” She is absolutely right. Forty-eight hours later, to boos and as Marseillaise des Insoumis covers her voice, Borne paints Code 49.3, the symbol of her failure. This is his disavowed method, his political capital damaged and his future in Matignon jeopardized. Sure, the prime minister could pass on Monday, March 19, the motion of censure hurdle. But how long will the rest period last? Shouldn’t you resign? The real question before him is the same as the one facing the president: How do we govern now?

Elizabeth Bourne during the s

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