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Did Bertrand and Wokes pull the strings behind the scenes?

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“Without them, we wouldn’t be here!” On the platform of the National Assembly where she had just scored another 49.3, Elizabeth Bourne trembled with anger. Behind half-moon glasses, she looked coldly at the Republican benches, those Representatives around whom she built her strategy for adopting pension reform. Hours and hours (!) wasted giving in, negotiating, conceding, internalizing the uncontrollable ego of a group that inevitably proved unable to keep the deal struck in January and bring the lost votes to it on voting day. because of’theyshe became the prime minister to adopt pension reform by 49.3, the 11th number since she was in office.

Is Elizabeth Bourne still standing? Behind the scenes of his freaky week

A pragmatist, the former Socialist, however, pressed her nose when, this winter at Matignon, she warmly received the leaders of the Right who had long been relegated to the rank of petite reactionaries: Niçois Eric Ciotti, newly elected at the head of the Republicans, flanked by the Speaker of Deputies LR Olivier Marleix, The President of the Senators Bruno Retailleau. Despite being weakened by the 4% obtained during the last presidential elections, their party seemed the ideal ally to gather the missing forty votes to adopt his reforms. François Fillon as Valerie Pecresse had they not advocated moving to 65 years in the helm of their programmes

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