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Denmark, the country where life is not good for foreigners

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Mjølnerparken in northern Copenhagen is nothing more than a jungle of cranes and scaffolding. There are still a few rare residents, who make their way among the mountains of ruins and workers in glowing yellow jackets. They hung white banners with slogans on their balconies: “No to forced relocation”, “Our homes are not for sale”… A few years ago, this group of red brick buildings, which emerged from the ground in the 1980s, was classified by the Danish authorities as “Ghetto”a “parallel society”. a black dot on the map Until he brought down the Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

A list of these regions is published each year. The criteria is etched into the law: more than 1,000 residents, more than 30% immigrants or children of non-Western immigrants – even naturalized Danes – more than 2.7% violation rate per resident, and more than 4 in 10 inactive. Mjølnerparken ticked all the boxes.

Last fall, the occupants of two publicly run buildings, more than 500 people, received a notice to vacate.

François Herran: “The increase in migration we must deal with”

“My wife was crying, and my three kids were crying, we’ve lived there twenty-eight years,” Asif Mahmoud says. Born in Pakistan fifty-five years ago, he became a laboratory assistant after working for twenty years as a taxi driver. “when we arrived

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