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Melenchon wants to continue mobilizing against pension reform “as long as it is proposed”

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“As long as reform is proposed in 64, we must continue” Mobilization on pensions, and the verdict of Sunday 19 March on Jean-Luc Mélenchon, while he warned against it “Power depends on excesses to enjoy a state of fear.”.

“The fight will continue regardless of the outcome.” The motions of censure to be considered on Monday, March 20 in the National Assembly, identified the leader of La France Insoumise (LFI) to Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro, stating that The united unions called for action all week and a big protest on Thursday..

sequel after announcement

“I will never say that we must stop mobilization, as long as the reform was proposed in 64, we must continue”he insisted.

After 49.3, the five scenarios for the Nupes to face pension reform

In response to a question about violence, he indicated that “Not once has this text acquired any form of parliamentary legitimacy.”. but for him, “The movement is quiet, you don’t know what the violent movement is.”He told reporters on set, referring to May 68. “This movement is remarkably calm and peaceful.”Added the former candidate for the Elysee Palace.

Recently, we have had a more respectful practice. He said: maintain order, however “It seemed to me that we were going back to much wilder things.”He also expressed his regrets, referring in particular to the demonstration that took place in the Place d’Italia in Paris on Saturday.

For him, it’s showtime ” Cold blood “. “We have no interest in a pitched battle.”he knocked it again. “We who are fighting this law have a message to send to our friends. Do not make the fight invisible through practices that will turn against us.”Asked.

sequel after announcement

After using 49.3 pensions, Melenchon slams ‘presidential minority collapse’

Because the former deputy thinks so “Mr Macron’s power depends on excesses, after which he enjoys a state of fear.”. However, he says he refuses “to come here to lecture people”and notes it “The French are not a people to whistle at”.

Melenchon stresses that Macron will not solve in case of failure

Regarding the partisan movement to censure the independent group Liot, it I think Republicans will vote for her..

“Voting censorship is returning the counters to zero.”And he said, stressing that there will be no dissolution of the association by Emmanuel Macron. “He would have taken the blows of the century, so he wouldn’t.”

How many votes does a motion of no confidence (and bring down the government) need?

LFI Coordinator Manuel Bompard also called on LR MPs to vote in favor of censorship: “Whatever you think of this reform, what we ask of you is that you agree with the method, with this perpetual forced passage.”He explained to Cnews/Europe1/les Echos.

“When we vote for a motion of censure in France together, there is no need to have an alternative majority, so it is not because the opposition groups will vote for this motion of censure that they are ready to rule the country together.”So said Deputy Bush du Rhone, responding to the attacks of the presidential majority.

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