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Macron wants reform “to be able to reach the end of his democratic journey”

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President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday, March 19, that he would like the pension reform, which will be finally adopted on Monday, if the two censure motions aimed at the government of Elizabeth Bourne are rejected, “He can go to the end of his democratic journey”.

Myriam Rivault Dalonis: “This second term for Emmanuel Macron shows blindness to the reality of the democratic experiment.”

“After months of political and social consultations and more than 170 hours of discussion that resulted in the vote on a compromise text between the Senate and the National Assembly, the President of the Republic has expressed before the two Presidents (Senate and Assembly, editor’s note) his desire that the text on pensions bring to the end of its democratic journey With respect to allElysee in a message sent to Agence France-Presse.

sequel after announcement

“Reaffirming its support for Parliament”

The president also confirmed “Mobilizing the government so that everything is implemented.” with a purpose ” Protect “ Parliamentarians threatened by opponents of pension reform, in a message from the Elysee sent to Agence France-Presse.

The President of the Republic invited Senate President Gerard Larch and National Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Biveh to “It reaffirms its support for Parliament and all its deputies, as well as the government’s mobilization to ensure that everything is done to protect them.”said the Elysee.

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