Home Politics “It is the logic of coercion of fanatics,” says historian Johan Chaputot.

“It is the logic of coercion of fanatics,” says historian Johan Chaputot.

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What does this use of 49.3 reveal, in your opinion?

John Chaputot I am amazed at the sectarian violence imposed on the country. Elizabeth Bourne first chose an inconvenient legislative vehicle—a Social Security Amendment Bill—and then used all possible materials in favor of the government regarding the agenda, even resorting to 49.3. Moreover, this comes in the context of the categorical rejection of the reform by the majority of the country and the overwhelming majority of the employees. It is the logic of coercion practiced by fanatics. Do we need to remember that Emmanuel Macron acts as if he has a mandate to do everything when he is elected by default, twice to block the far right?

He remains in the valid passage logic that he has had since his first term. The word is a bit of an exaggeration, but her exercise of power is completely proprietary. We remember that as early as 2017, the abolition of the ISF was imposed immediately, although this was not the subject of any mandate or consensus. We can see an analogy between the abolition of the ISF and the coercion that 49.3 imposes on pensions: we are trampling on the sensitivity of the state to impose a measure that only benefits the rich – at the risk of dividing the nation.

Myriam Rivault Dalonis: “This second term for Emmanuel Macron shows blindness to the reality of the democratic experiment.”


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