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Demonstrations against 49.3, Putin in Mariupol, Trump’s appeal … The five pieces of information from this weekend to remember

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Demonstrations against pension reform on the eve of the debate on motions of censure in the National Assembly, Vladimir Putin’s visit to Mariupol, the launch of a new North Korean missile in the direction of Japan … Weekend news? Loops summarizes the key information to remember.

• Several tense demonstrations against pension reform

After the activation of 49.3 and before the debate over motions of censure against the government, opponents of the pension reform took advantage of the weekend to vent their anger, at rallies in the regions and in Paris, where the Concorde was banned from demonstrators. . And 169 people were arrested, including 122 in Paris on Saturday evening, during tense demonstrations.

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The Place de la Concorde, located near the National Assembly and the Elysee Palace, was placed under very tight surveillance by hundreds of police officers on Saturday, and water cannons were placed there. And the governorate announced earlier banning gatherings there.

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On Sunday, the eve of a crucial day with debate over motions of censure, ministers stepped up to defend the unpopular reform.

After several days of mobilization and demonstrations, at the call of the trade union that included all the major organisations, the recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution by Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne, on Thursday, set the gunpowder on fire. The trade union had called for rallies this weekend. And to the ninth day of strikes and demonstrations on March 23.

• After Crimea, Vladimir Putin goes to Mariupol

And the Russian president visited Mariupol, the Ukrainian city devastated by the bombings. This is the Russian leader’s first trip to this months-besieged Ukrainian port city that was taken by the Russian army in May 2022. Vladimir Putin did indeed make a surprise visit to Crimea on Saturday, the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, to mark the ninth anniversary of the annexation.

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According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin flew to Mariupol by helicopter and toured the city, driving a car himself. He spoke with local residents, visited places of interest, and a report was submitted on the reconstruction work of this stricken city, according to the same source.

Michel Brazan: “Putin incorporated the memory of the gulag into the national narrative”

The Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol made this visit. “The international criminal Putin visited the occupied city of Mariupol” night Perhaps so as not to see in the light of day the killing of the city by its “liberation”wrote the city council on its Telegram account, referring to the international arrest warrant issued for the Russian president.

• North Korea launches a new missile

North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile, according to the South Korean military, in its fourth show of force in a week as Seoul and Washington hold their biggest joint military exercises in five years.

“Our military detected a short-range ballistic missile launched from the vicinity of Tongchang-ri district in North Pyongan Province (Northwest) at 11:05 am (0205 GMT) towards the ‘East’ sea.”said the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), referring to the Korean name for the Sea of ​​Japan.

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There is nothing the North Koreans want to hide.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the US and South Korean intelligence analyzed the missile, which flew 800 km, and described the launch as “dangerous provocation” In violation of United Nations sanctions. The Joint Chiefs of Staff added that the military is prepared to respond in some way “overwhelming”during pursuit “Intense and precise military maneuvers and exercises”.

• Trump confirms that he will be “arrested”

Donald Trump confirmed that it would be ” I stopped “ On Tuesday, he called protests, ahead of a possible indictment in a 2016 presidential damages case, to buy the silence of the porn actress he allegedly had an affair with.

Republican candidate. in the 2024 presidential primary “And the former president of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday next week.”Donald Trump named his social network Truth Social in all capital letters, as is customary.

The annual Republican Convention is betting on Trump in the 2024 presidential election

“Protest, take back our nation!” »And Donald Trump added in a letter whose tone evokes that published before the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, which he has been accused of instigating.

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• Its rival soon took control of Credit Suisse

Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, prompted by the authorities, is ready to buy its rival Credit Suisse but for only a fraction of its value, according to the Financial Times. According to the British daily, UBS will only be willing to pay $1 billion (930 million euros). An offer rejected by Credit Suisse with the support of its main shareholder, the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, according to Bloomberg.

But time is running out to avert catastrophe and contagious panic in the markets on Monday. The President of the French Banking Federation, Philippe Brassac, stressed on Saturday that the current banking turmoil in the world is unlikely to pollute the banking sector in France.

After the bankruptcy of SVB, Credit Suisse caused a new storm in the stock market

“There is no risk because there is no possible contagion mechanism between the events we are witnessing and the French banks.”said the banker, managing director of Credit Agricole bank, in France Inter. ‘French banks are very strong because of regulation’ And “There is no mechanism, as there might have been in the past, for reproduction.”.

‘French banks are strong’For his part, Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire reiterated. “Savers do not have to worry about their deposits. In Europe we have the most demanding banking supervision system on the planet.”In his words in an interview with the newspaper “Parisienne” on Saturday.

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