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China is moving on high alert

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BYD. The banner in huge white stylized letters is spread over the window advertising “build your dreams” (“build your dreams”). The BYmyCAR car dealership on the Boulevard de Sebastopol in Paris is now entirely dedicated to this Chinese manufacturer, the world’s first electric car, hitherto unknown in France. “We decided to partner with BYD because they offer higher quality cars, 10% to 30% cheaper than the competition with all options included,” Justifies Jeremy Sucaeley, Director of Sales.

BYD vehicles will soon be in many French stores of this upscale distributor, which sells 22 brands including Audi, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. The arrival of BYD was announced at the recent Paris Motor Show, one of the precursors of a Chinese tsunami in the European market. Their share of electric vehicle sales could increase from 5% last year to 18% by 2025, according to the European Union for Transport and the Environment.

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Experts are unanimous that the transition to electric mobility will completely disrupt the industry in favor of manufacturers in the Middle Kingdom. China has already overtaken Germany as the world’s largest exporter of automobiles. Six of the ten best-selling electrical brands in the world are Chin

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