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Why did they not assume that this reform was a signal to the financial markets? »

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What is the use of 49.3 marks?

Michael Fussell From the doom of the institutions of V.H Republic. We have the impression that we are living at the end of a term when the election is less than a year old, and that we are at a twilight moment at the dawn of the new five-year term. The presidential elections, which were supposed to set the course for five years, did not decide anything politically. Even worse, it has maintained the illusion that VH The republic was still able to create consensus without brutality. The presidential elections are unparalleled, as the result of the legislative elections (by not granting an absolute majority) was characterized by a lack of confidence in personal authority. However, the use of 49.3 for a sensitive topic such as pensions shows that the expropriation of legislative power by the executive branch, which is already a trend in our institutions, has reached a point of no return.

When I talk about the agony of VHI am also considering the fact that it would have led to Macron if we had defined the latter as resting – in its most illusory aspects – on the fantasy of abolishing the left-right divide. Thanks to the impeccable mobilization of the unions, we have finally emerged from this fantasy of neoliberal consensus, the famous “circle of mind”, which would range from social democracy to the conservative right. Emmanuel Macron and his government have bet on this normative reform to reshape it “circle”. But they deviated from a new consensus: that a

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