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Motion of censure, CC… After 49.3, 5 scenarios from Nupes

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As soon as 49.3 was drawn by Elisabeth Bourne on Thursday, the left-wing coalition of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) warned it would use “All the means at his disposal” To defeat the contested pension reform, from supporting the social movement to the joint initiative referendum. It provides a multi-stage strategy.

• Blame movement in response to 49.3

Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced on the morning of Friday 17 March that the group La France insoumise would support the motion to censure the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot) in the National Assembly for “Give as much opportunity as possible for censorship” From the government of Elizabeth Bourne after using 49.3.

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“They are trying to push us to the limit”: on the street, the forced passage of the pension reform does not pass

A hypothesis already mentioned the day before by Mathilde Bannot, President of the LFI deputies in the National Assembly. by Mathilde Bannott, “It is very likely that this move will succeed.”. government and the majority “The right to be afraid”.

However, preventing an absolute majority from bringing down the government seems difficult to achieve. One sure thing: No Nupes member will sign a motion of censure against the National Assembly, several members have asserted.

• Fighting continues in the street

The whole left is thinking: keep bombing the pavement and if possible inflate the protest ranks by taking advantage of the signal “authoritarian”in his view, fired by the government with Article 49.3.

The leader of the Greens Marine Tondelier reiterates over and over again that “49.3 does not exist on the street”. For his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon did “to encourage”this Friday morning at France Inter, IL “Spontaneous mobilization across the country” because “That’s where it happens.” with 49.3, “We achieved our goal. This text has no legitimacy. We are right to rebel.”LFI leader added.

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Blockage in Le Havre against pension reform: “We don’t run the 100m, it’s a marathon”

So the leaders of the left are preparing to return to the union wheel. But they will also continue to hold comprehensive meetings together. Several are already scheduled, including Sunday in Paris with rebel Daniel Obono, socialist David Assouline, and anti-capitalist Olivier Besancenot.

• The RIP hypothesis

Nupes members have been talking about this option for days. This complex procedure “It is allowed to suspend the implementation of this reform for a period of nine months.”The Socialist MP Valerie Rapo confirmed that “Believes”.

The RIP referendum provides for the possibility of organizing a popular consultation on a bill “On the initiative of one-fifth of the members of Parliament”, that is, no less than 185 out of 925 parliamentarians (577 deputies and 348 senators). It should be ‘supported by a tenth of the electorate’, or 4.87 million people, whose signatures must be collected within nine months. but “If the RIP is activated on pensions, it must be activated before the Pensions Act is passed.”Valerie Rabeau said.

Pensions Reform: The Spring of Unions

French Communist Party deputy Stéphane Peau confirmed on Tuesday that he has the necessary 185 parliamentarians. His bill would suggest that The retirement age cannot exceed 62 years., specially. The Rebels will join in, but they are less convinced that RIP is the answer, as they are aiming for “Short term withdrawal”explains their coordinator Manuel Bombard.

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• Resorting to the Constitutional Council

What if the pension reform is unconstitutional? In any case, this is what La France Insoumise believes; Mathilde Banot promised that the left would march before the Constitutional Council to try to oppose the text of the government.

Is pension reform unconstitutional?

The coalition will say that the reform, which is included in a draft amendment to the Social Security budget, is the legislative knight, because finance is not the only aspect that the text addresses.

• The return of the Prime Minister Melenchon campaign?

If Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not mention it on Thursday, a solution was believed to be inevitable until recently. When Emmanuel Macron posed the threat at the start of the retirement battle, Manuel Bompard, near the podium, responded, “beautiful girl”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a three-time presidential candidate who has confirmed that he will not be for the fourth time, is very anxious to return to the polls. In the event of a dissolution, he intends to lead the “Prime Minister Melenchon” campaign again. It remains to be seen what his partners think of him, while internal tensions at Nupes have multiplied in recent months.

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