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Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, a majestic place to discover

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Once out of the way, the road to the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech truly represents what we are about to discover. An alley lined with century-old olive trees, bamboo, and bougainvilleas falter under flowers that seem to bend as we pass, drawing us to a disproportionate pond backed by a massive door.

The greatness of the place imposes itself with its open doors. You should know that in Islamic architecture, geometric perfection plays a major role because it is also a way to understand divine perfection as well as water, a symbol of purification.

Hotel designed like a palace

Mandarin Oriental – © Lux Magazine

Here the hotel is designed as a contemporary palace, creating a wonderful visual perspective from the lobby, terrace and restaurant with perfect symmetry, black wood columns and lintels, marble designs like zellij, chimneys carved into bronze bells and in the distance the view of snow-capped Atlas.
Lavish gardens, ponds mingling with the pool, present our gaze at a glance, offering a mirror of bluish waters where the sun’s rays and the sluggish branches of palm trees are reflected in the warm daytime wind. And

Moroccan art in all its splendor

Lobby – © Luxe Magazine

Hidden behind its sober façade is a sanctuary in which the contemporary and elegant decoration is subdued.
The refined interiors are revealed as we walk around leaving us in awe.
“Luxury and comfortable traveler”. These are the words used by Dorothy hemorrhoids To describe the thought of this “home” as a modern refuge with Berber and Arab-Andalusian influences, both rustic and sophisticated, which I imagined in a duet with Patrick Giles.
Here desert shades echo the outdoor pools and lush vegetation. Ocher and sand colors predominate and these indoor/outdoor openings give the impression of an oasis in the middle of the desert.

The hotel is in the image of the iconic Ben Youssef Madrasa

Berber decoration in a villa [email protected] magazine

The two architects also took inspiration from the icon Ben Youssef Schoolone of the most famous historical monuments of Marrakech, which creates a very beautiful perspective that can be seen from the lobby, restaurants and bar with the hotel’s inner / outer patio.
As for the covered restaurants, one with lemon yellow zellij and another with bamboo panels… It reminds of the colors worn by Berber women.

Inspirational garden

Berbers – © Lux Magazine

Nests in the garden over 20 hectares Amidst centuries-old trees, olive groves, and aromatic plants, the garden boasts 30 varieties of roses including ‘Snow Fairy’, grown each year. 100,000 roses Which bloom in the spring and invade gardens and paths. It is a pleasure to wander between the different paths available to us, to enjoy the different scents caressing our nostrils or to take a walk along the Grand Canal, a long basin that leads from the hotel to the different villas. A nice walk under the gracious gaze of lively nature.
The geometrically designed gardens reflect an ancient allegorical belief that spiritual order in heaven dispels nature’s wild disorder.
From afar, the view of the Atlas inspires daydreams.

Private villas with a relaxing pool

Inside the villa – © Lux Magazine

Spread out in this shady garden, and 63 luxurious rooms and villas With the intimate symbols of Riyadh, provide serenity and comfort. Aloe vera, bamboo, bougainvillea and palm trees accompany you through the green maze of paths with sweet names: Allée des Roses, Allée des Bougainvilleas, Allée des Bambous …
Behind a wonderful carved wooden door, what a pleasure it is to discover within, a huge courtyard with trees where a bluish pond lies waiting to bring its backwaters to life. In the garden bloom orange trees, almond trees and many aromatic plants such as jasmine, pink geranium, or galant de nuit, so named because at nightfall its scent of perfume develops 20 meters around!

Villa pool – © Luxe Magazine

Decoration, in honor of the Berber tradition

The bathroom designed as a living room in a villa – © Luxe Magazine

On either side there is a white sofa in front of the fireplace, niches where there is a bench dressed with embroidered cushions, on one side neatly concealed by huge clean drapes and a kitchenette on the other side a daybed or armchair daybed which is an appeal to the lazy.
The spacious and contemporary villa, the bedroom facing the pool, is articulated between the living room on one side and the magnificent bathroom designed like a boudoir with a meridian on the other. Here is the light queen!
It flows into the bedroom—even if that means stroking your face early in the morning—as well as into the bathroom or living room where a large window opens onto a patio. As for the furniture, sober and contemporary, it mimics the geometric shapes of the villa.
The decoration is a tribute to Berber traditions as evidenced by the tadelakt patterns, mouth-blown vases, and handmade virgin wool carpets.
Pendants, sofas, bedspreads, pillows and rugs, everything is hymn white and ivory, to better highlight the structure of the place and the black wood.

Dine in your villa or in the pool garden

Brunch – © Lux Magazine

It is such a pleasure to be able to have breakfast in the privacy of your villa, with the only noise being the flow of water or the early morning chirping of birds, singing the coming of the sun!
After recovering in Swimming pool garden Or for Sunday brunch, very friendly and rich in variety of dishes, a visit to the estate is a must along the shaded pools to discover the citrus gardens, the vegetable garden and the century-old olive groves.
Finally the big one Swimming pool of 610 square meters We extend our arms, welcome a dip before sitting in the restaurant where a few tables are sheltered in the shade of bougainvillea-strewn pergolas, along the pool or in the shade of palm trees, against the azure water.
The afternoon’s intense activity will end with a spa treatment.

Swimming pools and swimming pools – © Lux Magazine

For dinner: international and fusion cuisine, Asian or Mediterranean?

Berber Lounge at Shirvan Restaurant – © Lux Magazine

After such deep relaxation, the night was falling very slowly, the moon appearing shy and only a few stars bringing a soft glow on the way.
For dinner, we’ll be spoiled for choice, 3 restaurants Compete on our side.

the Shirvan All will be noted tonight. It is accessed through a high door, a reference to the arches of the ancient Mosque of Córdoba. The world of the Silk Road, with a detour through North Africa, run by the famous two-star chef Akram (which also serves in Paris at the Pont de l’Alma). On the terrace by candlelight or in the room with its elegant and relaxed atmosphere, the best of Moroccan craftsmanship is also reflected with the black and white marble mosaic rugs, the stuff more found in the neighboring souks than the walls paneled in the traditional H-style. Sira, (straw panels that take on the subtlety of Berber motifs.
On the menu we enjoy melted shoulder of lamb, one of the chef’s specialties, his roasted cauliflower or why not enjoy the lobster bisque?

Otherwise, if your taste buds are going to be tempted by Asians, the Ling Ling Referred. Lingling signed by hakkasan, It offers an innovative menu of exquisite small plates of traditional Cantonese dishes for sharing. The bar adjoins the venue and takes its inspiration from the concept of Izakaya, which is very popular in Asia.
Here, as elsewhere, the view is enchanting thanks to the ponds stretching before us, to the powdery light of lanterns and in the distance to the peaks of the Atlas.
A moment in time that will last until late at night before returning to the cocoon of sheets. The night will be calm and welcoming. Just for yourself!

The tent where you can have a drink – © Luxe Magazine

My opinion

A place out of time, with breathtaking villas (between 280 sqm and 460 sqm) where you feel like you are in a cocoon.
Lounging at the edge of your private pool is a must, dining in the pool garden for a moment of civility and then sipping a drink under the tent, dazzled by the visual spectacle of the place and the multitude of light dotting nature. Finally, eat as you choose to your liking for the evening? What then?
The staff is kind, attentive and willingly accommodating all your wishes.

Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech
Title : RTE Golf Royal, Marrakech 40000

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