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Targeting Vladimir Putin with an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court

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On Friday March 17, the International Criminal Court announced that it had issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his responsibility for war crimes committed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

Today, 17 March 2023, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for two individuals in connection with the situation in Ukraine: Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Ms. Maria Alexeyevna Lvova-Bilova.the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Russia, the ICC said in a statement.

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Vladimir Putin “Allegedly responsible for the war crime of illegal deportation of population (children) and illegal transfer of population (children) from the occupied regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation”The court added.

War crimes in Ukraine: how to judge under the bombs?

“The crimes are alleged to have been committed in the occupied Ukrainian territories at least as of February 24, 2022.”the ICC continued, adding that there is “reasonable grounds to believe that Mr Putin is personally responsible for the above crimes”.

Priority investigation into alleged child abductions

On Monday, March 13, The New York Times reported that the International Criminal Court was about to initiate proceedings against Russians for the transfer of children to Russia and for deliberate strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan said earlier this month after a visit to Ukraine that alleged child abductions are taking place. “priority investigation topic”.

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Moscow newspaper: We do not want to be complicit in the crimes of the state

Neither Russia nor Ukraine are members of the ICC, but Kiev has accepted the court’s jurisdiction over its territory and is working with the prosecutor.

The International Criminal Court, set up in 2002 to judge the worst crimes committed in the world, has been investigating for more than a year possible war crimes or crimes against humanity committed during the Russian offensive.

Moscow “does not cooperate” with the court

Russian diplomacy condemned the decisions “Does not make sense” And “not important” to the International Criminal Court. “The decisions of the International Criminal Court are meaningless for our country, including from a legal point of view.”And Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on the telegram, without referring to Vladimir Putin by name in her message.

Russia is not a party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and has no obligations under it.Maria Zakharova stressed, adding that Moscow “Uncooperative” with the court.

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Michel Brazan: “Putin incorporated the memory of the gulag into the national narrative”

I warned it “(Arrest warrants) issued by the ICC will not be of legal significance.” For Russia.

“This is only the beginning”

The Rome Statute is the founding text of the International Criminal Court, which has its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Ukrainian presidency welcomed the issuance of an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court, which considers him responsible for the war crime of committing war crimes. “banish” Children from Ukraine.

“This is only the beginning”, greeted the head of the Presidential Administration Andrić Ermak on Telegram. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine A “historic decision”.

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