Home Politics How many votes is too short for Lyot’s motion of censure to be adopted and to bring down Elizabeth Bourne’s government?

How many votes is too short for Lyot’s motion of censure to be adopted and to bring down Elizabeth Bourne’s government?

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Everyone does their own math, every vote counts. After the prime minister announced Thursday that he would enact 49.3 to pass pension reform, a group of MPs caught all eyes: those of the Republicans. Will they vote or not for the cross-party blame movement? All eyes are on those with the power to bring down Elizabeth Bourne’s government.

Pensions: “We will not vote for a motion of censure,” asserts the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Let’s go back. After Elizabeth Bourne’s speech and the use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, at noon Thursday, several opposition groups announced the filing of a motion of censure. The group most likely to unite, from a central group, is the Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories (LEOT) group of 20 centrist MPs.

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Reaching the absolute majority with 287 votes

To obtain the resignation of Elizabeth Bourne, and the resignation of her Cabinet, the motion of censure must be voted on by an absolute majority, that is, presently 287 MPs and taking into account 4 vacancies in the midterm.

Lopes did the math. Thus this motion of censure can be voted on by 20 Leut MPs, 149 Nubian MPs, and 88 National Assembly, which gives a total of 257 votes. To these the five unregistered votes may be added. This brings the total number of votes to 262 … Provided, of course, that all deputies vote.

The ball is in LR’s court

But despite this condition, she would lose at least 25 votes for Elizabeth Bourne to submit her letter of resignation to Emmanuel Macron. It seems unlikely that members of the group Prospects and Democrats (MoDem and Independents), who are close to the President of the Republic, will vote against the government. Macronist himself is unlikely to vote against his camp.

Pensions Reform: The Spring of Unions

Then he remained a deputy for the 61st Republic. At the moment, some voices are being raised within the right-wing opposition group, notably that of Aurélien Pradié who takes a point of view opposite to the line imposed by Eric Ciotti, president of the party, and Olivier Marlix, leader of LR. Representatives in the Council. Other LR MPs such as Ian Pocar or even Maxime Minot have announced that they will vote for the motion of censure. But according to information from Politico, only ten House MPs are preparing to do the same. This Friday, votes are still short of passing the 287 mark.

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