Home Politics Emmanuel Macron chose to pass the reform with a vote of 49.3

Emmanuel Macron chose to pass the reform with a vote of 49.3

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Mass was said. After many hesitations and no less than four meetings in less than 24 hours, Emmanuel Macron decided to use Article 49.3 of the constitution to adopt the pension reform without a vote of deputies, according to several sources within the executive branch. This initiative exposes the government to a censure bill, which will be debated and then voted on by Saturday.

The Council of Ministers currently meets in the Elysee. Debate in the National Assembly must begin in the aftermath of this governmental meeting.

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Pensions: After using 49.3, a new day of mobilization is scheduled for Thursday 23 March

As predicted by recent developments of the day, the government failed to gain the support of enough House Republicans (LR) to form a majority capable of voting for reform. In February, Elizabeth Bourne announced that she “Is not considered[ait] Not the premise (a) 49.3 on pension reform. The majority also fears the political consequences of such a decision.

When a president does not enjoy a majority in the country, nor a majority in the National Assembly, he must withdraw his bill. The Elysée is not a garden to house the whims of the president.PS Olivier Faure’s first secretary decried on Twitter.

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