Home Politics Bourne’s photos were welcomed by Marseille and booed in the assembly after 49.3

Bourne’s photos were welcomed by Marseille and booed in the assembly after 49.3

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Marseillaise’s vocals and paintings “64 years old no” Described by left-wing MPs: The session on pension reform began on Thursday, March 16 in disarray in the National Assembly, upon the arrival of Elizabeth Bourne to stimulus 49.3.

Pensions: After using 49.3, a new day of mobilization is scheduled for Thursday 23 March

In an indescribable atmosphere, the Prime Minister announced that her government would take responsibility for this symbolic reform of Macron’s second five-year term.

sequel after announcement

“We can’t risk seeing aside the compromise reached by the two associations. We can’t bet on the future of our pensions.”She tried to justify, while she would be invited to the 20 Hours of TF1.

“In a few days, I have no doubt that the Government’s commitment to responsibility will be answered by one or more motions of censure. A vote will therefore take place, as it ought to be. Parliamentary democracy is therefore the last word.”Elizabeth Bourne added.

Perspective immediately confirmed by the national assembly. “Obviously, we will file a motion of censure.”announced Marine Le Pen, whose deputies will also vote on motions of censure from other groups.

49.3 This is a “complete failure”

This 49.3 is a “complete failure” By Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne “I can’t stay” At Matignon, I judged Marine Le Pen.

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For her part, LFI Group President Mathilde Bannott stated “Cross-Party Blame Movement”but also an expected referral to the Constitutional Council by the Nubians and a referendum on the joint initiative “Making it possible to block reform for nine months”.

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

The Extraordinary Council of Ministers ratified 49.3 Thursday at noon in the Elysee Palace, the conclusion of a series of meetings between ministers and key leaders of the majority.

After you declare that you want “do everything” To avoid this, the president and his prime minister resigned themselves to adopting the pension text without an affirmative vote from the council.

Already a fiasco for Elizabeth Bourne, who had made many efforts for months to try to come to terms with the Whigs. But it is clear that too many House of Representatives risk losing.

sequel after announcement

“Triple defeat,” Onsa says.

When a president does not enjoy a majority in the country, nor a majority in the National Assembly, he must withdraw his bill. The Elysée is not a garden to house the whims of the president.replied, on the left, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

Pensions Reform: The Spring of Unions

“We still have hope, in the weeks and months to come, that we will overcome this reform, whatever humiliation the president will inflict on Parliament.”added the National Secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel.

on the union side, “It is a loss for the executive power: popular, moral and political”, sentencing the leader of the Unsa, Laurent Escure. His CFDT counterpart, Laurent Berger, promised new demonstrations. An inter-union meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening.

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