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After the dream of victory, the reality of Lula’s power

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If we have to find the famous Brazilian equivalent “Minister shuts his mouth” By Jean-Pierre Chevènement, the most exotic version would look like this: “It is not possible to buy a minister’s horse during an official trip.” It is difficult to blame the Minister of Communications in the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Juscelino Filho: he is crazy. A racehorse breeder in the state of Maranhão, where the roads near his family’s farms are paved at taxpayers’ expense, took a military plane at the end of January to go from Brasilia to São Paulo. There, for four days, this tireless worker alternated between business meetings and … participation in the purchase of horses at auction.

Scandal, you say? In terms of Brazilian politics, it’s a little beer. But most interesting are the consequences of this case. After meeting with Lola, who was described by Filho “very positive”The minister remained in office. For one reason, and one reason only: he is a senior member of the Brazilian Union, a centrist party in the establishment, without which the head of state cannot form a parliamentary majority. There was a dream of Lola counting Incredible from Indestructible Metal Syndicate vs. Jair Bolsonaro; Now there is a less glamorous Lola reality. Almost three months after taking office, the Brazilian president is struggling.

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