Home Politics After 49.3 Charles de Courson’s ‘transpartisan’ motion of censure (Rep. Liott), 5 things to know about the elected official

After 49.3 Charles de Courson’s ‘transpartisan’ motion of censure (Rep. Liott), 5 things to know about the elected official

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Charles de Courson, a member of Lyot’s political group, made a “biased” motion of censure on Friday, March 17. For the small parliamentary group, this proposal will be a way to bring the parties together… and bring down Elizabeth Bourne’s government after using 49.3, Thursday, to pass pension reform? The answer is on Monday, while voting is in circulation.

Pensions: Elliott Group Offers Its Blame Movement ‘Cross-Partisan’

Liot’s vice group (Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories) is regrouping anyway. ” It is unacceptable to use 49.3 and set fire to the country thunders on Franceinfo, emphasizing that It is a denial of democracy.”. And eye-catching.

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  • Assembly veteran

Elected since 1993 under the colors of the UDF (Union for French Democracy), he holds the record for longevity in the National Assembly with 30 years on the mandible benches. Member of the House of Representatives for seat 233 and the age of 70 was elected six times without interruption in 5H Marne district.

Upon his arrival at the Assembly, Charles de Courson was part of the UDF’s political group before leaving the group in 2007 when François Bayrou refused to choose between Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy during the second round of the UDF. Presidential election. The next day he became treasurer of the new centre.

  • General financial expert

Charles de Courson is known for his expertise in public finances and is also a member of a highly respected Finance Committee. Charles Amedee is the damned public finance expert, and he’s an expert on budget adjustment. “When he raises a hare, the government had better hold on to his suspenders,” The head of the Socialist group, Boris Vallaud, notes in a photo drawn by Le Monde and published in February.

Retreats: Bourne Photos welcomed by Marseille and booed at the Assembly after 49.3

Last summer, he tried to take over the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, but withdrew his candidacy because he did not want to risk his election with votes from the National Rally Party. La France Insoumise welcomed the decision.

sequel after announcement

During parliamentary debates on pension reform, the MP introduced an amendment proposing an additional €500m revaluation of pensions, which would have increased the bill when the government sought to save money. Adopted against the latter’s opinion, the amendment was finally rejected on second reading.

  • Opposition to special regimes for parliamentarians

For Charles de Courson, special regimes for parliamentarians are a problem for the pension reform launched by the government, and they must also be abolished: “I have always believed – and I will not change my mind today – that we must lead by example. We cannot ask our citizens to make efforts without applying them to ourselves.” It will be confirmed by France Inter on February 8.

  • A member of a group that is courted by the majority

Charles de Courson has been a member of the Leute party since 2018. It is the smallest parliamentary group in the assembly with only 20 members. However, it is one of the most popular means of courtship by the majority. They have been consulted several times by ministers in recent months. “We are a real pivot group”“The Parisian,” explains Lillot’s co-chief, deputy regimental Christophe Nägelen. This heterogeneous group explains the presence of MPs who find themselves on the basis of shared values: “ Building a more humane, more environmental, fairer and more united republic According to the group’s political report.

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