Home News Violent clashes broke out in Athens between police and demonstrators

Violent clashes broke out in Athens between police and demonstrators

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Violent clashes erupted between police and a group of protesters on the sidelines of angry rallies in Athens on Thursday, more than two weeks after the train disaster that killed 57 people and sparked outrage in Greece, AFP reports.

The demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails, and the police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, near the parliament building in the center of the capital, according to AFP journalists.

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Garbage dumps on a street near the university were also set on fire, thick black smoke was billowed, and shop windows were smashed.

25,000 demonstrators in Athens

The same source stated that riot police fired tear gas at the area surrounding the university.

Previously, more than 40,000 people, including 25,000 in Athens, showed their anger after more than two weeks of a head-on collision between a passenger train and a freight convoy, an accident attributed to human error but which exposed serious imbalances on the railways. .

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Violence had already punctuated rallies, notably on Wednesday, March 8, on the sidelines of a demonstration of about 40,000 people in Athens.

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