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This is 22 minutes when the five-year period changed

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Even before the session opens, the result can be read on the faces of each of the parliamentarians trying to win their place. On the benches of the new popular ecological and social union (Nupes), smiles alternate with rubbing of hands. At the other end, on the National Assembly side, resounding laughter erupted. A double relief contrasting with a depression in the center of the mandible, where the majority sits.

15 hours. “The session opens and suspends immediately because the government is not represented on the platform,” Firing, from the perch, Yael Braun-Biveh, who is awaiting the return of representatives of the executive power from the Elysee Cabinet, which has just authorized the use of 49.3 and the adoption of the text without a vote. The first whoops on both sides of the bicycle. “France is watching”, We are angry in the ranks of the RN.
Bruno Le Maire is the first to enter. bronca. Boo. He is followed by Franck Riester, Marc Visnot, Olivier Dusupet and Gerald Darmanin. The Renaissance Group attempts a brief ovation to deceive. Nubian deputies: “Where is she, Bourne?” Did you quit already? “To vote, to vote!” » Are we also provoked by the left seats convinced that the text would have been rejected if the vote had taken place? Elizabeth Bourne arrives in a minute. Re-boos at parties. Clap again in the middle. The session can really begin. “The Prime Minister’s Speech”, The head of the building continues.

sequel after announcement

Pensions: After using 49.3, a new day of mobilization is scheduled for Thursday 23 March

This is the moment chosen by La France Insomise to stand up and sing “La Marseillaise”, waving banners “64 years old no” or “democracy”. The national anthem makes the members of all the seats rise, almost by inversion. Renaissance selectors quickly seated. Their boss, Aurore Bergé, is plagued with hearing her fellow LFI members continue their song at the top of their lungs. On the catwalk, Elizabeth Bourne imperturbably fixed it. Do you think of the possible end of her adventure in Matignon, she who did everything to avoid 49.3, before having to face the facts: refused in the street, her texts had every chance of being also in the National Assembly? Yael Brown Beef: “The session is suspended for two minutes.” The prime minister is coming down. When you don’t want…

The session resumes, and “Marseille” too. Elizabeth Bourne decided to launch this time. But now the National Front deputies are stepping in, drumming on their desks to cries Resignation, resignation. In circulation, it is difficult to hear the Prime Minister’s speech : “I’m sure…the vast majority…” Always the Coué way. “Conduct… obstruction of discussions… consultations… settlement…”. Never before had “La Marseillaise” so many verses. in the middle l “fierce soldiers”the Prime Minister said to herself “linked to the French social model”. The RN again knocks on her desk. We hardly hear the national anthem and even less do we hear Elizabeth Bourne. Then finally comes the fateful announcement “On the basis of Article 49 Paragraph 3 of our Constitution”. Total clamor. 3:22 p.m. Session ends. Uncertainty begins at the highest peak in the state.

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