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Macron’s speech, Delafosse’s rating, PS dissidents … find indiscreet “l’Obs”

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• Emmanuel Macron preparing a speech

and now? How do you resume a five-year thread? While the parliamentary component is close to reforming the unpopular pension system, Emmanuel Macron, according to several members of his entourage, plans to address the French soon. The president, who during this fight made sure to leave his prime minister Elizabeth Bourne on the front lines, should speak at the end of March or the beginning of April, before traveling for four days in China. With hope, confirms a relative, who close this sequence and open “new Horizons”.

Pension Reform: Behind the Closed Doors of the Joint Commission

Will it be a letter? Who interview? In the form, nothing seems to be defined yet. Many cunning strategists are already hoping that the head of state will take advantage of this rhetoric to act “The true end of the first five-year period”, How to turn this page on annuities, according to their opinion. “He can say: having remade France into an attractive country, having reduced unemployment to 7% and having succeeded, painfully, in preserving our pension system, put in the next rank: national education, health, ecological transformation,” A fellow traveler notices the president. “He will speak, A leading minister abounds. It is now important for him to determine the path. » Framework conclusion

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