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Iron Mountain Entertainment Services has opened a facility in Paris

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Media preservation and archiving company Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES) opened a new facility in the Paris suburbs on Thursday as it continues its global expansion.

IMES’ mission has been described as Fort Knox to protect and preserve companies’ digital and physical archival assets. His client list includes studios, networks, media companies, real estate, actors, musicians, and athletes. Especially in the digital age, it presents itself as a business partner for preserving, storing and restoring a digital “saved gold mine” that can be used or licensed for new purposes – from films and newsreels to music videos and performances.

For example, the IMES website mentions playing the documentary The Bee Gees: How to Fix a Broken Heartproduced by White Horse Pictures, debuts on HBO in December 2020. Personal and variety TV shows, as well as a concert movie format,” the site promotes. “In total, the team has transferred 200 video cassettes of various obsolete formats, and 40 audio cassettes and 23 movie transfers in Normal 8 and Super 8 formats.”

Or take, for example, the fiftieth anniversary of hip-hop this year. “Digital preservation is an example of how we can make sure that it exists for the next 50 years, that the first 50 years are not only safe, but help shape the next 50 or 100 years,” says the IMES representative. THR.

Thus, expanding around the world to support existing customers and add new ones was part of the strategy of IMES, which seeks to create a new French warehousing space. Last year, for example, the company added three locations in the UK, citing “increased demand” from “existing and new customers.”

Its 17th headquarters, located in the Paris suburb of Pantin, will be its newest location in France, the company said, “will provide international media clients greater access to asset custody services.” They include temperature controlled media storage and proprietary safes, which are not available at the company’s other European locations.

“We are delighted to open our new media storage center in Paris at a time when our entertainment customers are actively leveraging their content archives to monetize them,” said Hanna Paloca, Head of Sales, IMES, France.

“For more than 20 years we have trusted IMES to archive and preserve our most valuable physical assets, and this relationship has evolved to help us transition our assets from physical to digital ensuring long-term relevance of content for future generations of Canal+ Group operations,” said Albert Slim, COO of the Canal+ Group. French media giant Group, a client of IMES THR. Their innovative digitization processes provide fast access to content of the highest quality standards.

For example, IMES is touting its “Smart Vault” capabilities, which allow customers to store assets digitally and access the metadata they need to leverage and invest their assets in future projects.

The company also plans to push towards NFTs in the future. “Over the past year, we have explored new NFT-centric business opportunities and actively designed, prototyping and testing new offerings designed for the entertainment and fine arts industries,” their website states.

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