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Fred Sirix talks about the contestants’ recent “beautiful” transformation

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French hotel manager Fred Sirix immerses 12 young Brits in a rare world of hospitality as part of his new competition series, giving them a chance at a life-changing job and a cash prize to facilitate their move abroad.

During Fred’s Last Resort, he will teach his recruits the art of hospitality as they help run the exquisite five-star Les Roches Blanches in the south of France.

Each week, the contestants will be sent home until the final round where the first winner will be crowned at Fred’s Last Resort.

Airing on Tuesday, March 14, the first episode will see the contestants arrive in the south of France for the challenge — and while it’s no secret they have very little experience in the hospitality industry, Sirieix says RadioTimes.com viewers will be in for a surprise. . What they managed to do.

In an exclusive interview, he teased the newbie’s “beautiful” transformations, saying, “You can see the transformation especially in the last four episodes. You can see how much they’ve changed and the journey they’ve been on.”

“The difference between those who have the ability to win and others is beautiful and also in the desire to win.”

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Throughout the series, Fred takes a tough approach with his recruits, throwing them deep, which leads to several comical moments resulting from obvious mistakes they end up making, such as forgetting to order food for a party they’re throwing. .

So, did Fred have trouble keeping his face straight?

“I was laughing the whole time,” he explained. “But at the same time, even if they make you laugh and it’s totally comical, at the same time it’s not because we made a promise [the client].

“As funny as it is on the one hand, you look at the other side and just want to cry. I think I’m pretty clear about what I want. I tell them exactly what I want and how I want it.”

Fred’s Last Resort airs on E4 and All4 on Tuesday 14 March at 9pm. Episodes will air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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