Home Politics Eric Zemmour analyzes his defeat in the elections in his book “I Didn’t Say My Last Word”.

Eric Zemmour analyzes his defeat in the elections in his book “I Didn’t Say My Last Word”.

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You have to wait for page 323 of ” I didn’t say my last word Eric Zemmour’s book, released March 16, until the author reveals his true intention: The countless articles and books that have been written about me have left me with the impression of deja-vu, an incorrect and distorted reading (…) Journalists took a look at the campaign and the reasons for my defeat, which were not mine (…) This semi-official account of my defeat require a counter-narrative “. Which.

Eric Zemmour dreamed of an epic, his campaign ends in defeat

So, what does Eric Zemmour think of Eric Zemmour’s campaign? ” The only candidate who has climbed so high and descended so far He remembers. To what extent is he judged personally responsible for this failure? Less than a year after his defeat in the first round (7.07%), stripped of his bulky suit as a candidate for the top office, the far-right polemicist has returned to the essayist position. A costume, more familiar, would be more comfortable to the interested party for a new object of study than a subject to whom he is not likely to challenge any legitimacy or right to inventory: himself.

sequel after announcement

Melenchon, Wokes, Le Pen and Zemmour

The rest of the political class has been warned. Eric Zemmour is not the type to keep to himself what he is told. From revealing intrusive cases to private conversations published in large quantities, the far-right polemicist has made it a specialty, which was already the main interest of his previous work for his fans. France did not say its last word He is no exception to the rule in “I Didn’t Say My Last Word.” A means—sometimes close to self-literature and somewhat unfair, since he himself sorts out his exchanges with each other—is prompted by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, I, from p. 62.

The thing is known, the two men had known each other for a long time and would have appreciated, if today that is no longer the case. Eric Zemmour recounts their discussions, which were somewhat embarrassing for the Insomists, on the sidelines of the preparations for the discussion he organized. BFMTV in September 2022 and their agreement on the need to reinvigorate the “left-right” divide:

Before the discussion, Melenchon called me back. It is not hidden from me that he had to face the hostility of his relatives, for whom I was the “devil”, to whom one does not speak, even with a large microphone. (…) He continues his “radicalism”, which according to him is a major political tool for mobilizing his camp: “It was already like this in 2017: because I was the most extreme of the left that I was initially obsessed with, I seduced the electorate by Hamon. I must not Hesitate to do the same on the right. Voters will gravitate to you if you are the most extreme, especially when the Navy is silent and LR is inaudible…”

Marine Le Pen, who swears he was locked in the ” Primary though us Blame it on the journalists responsible for following up on RN and Reconquest campaigns! :” They won by forcing the match on us with small, slurred sentences One of the candidates of the National Front party, whose aides secretly wrote to Zemmour describing her as ” disappear “and think seriously” To pull When the polls fell. An authoritarian president too, who obligated, would have complained, his dolphin, Jordan Bardella” To speak like the left to oppose his far-right rival. ” But nothing helps: He’s running, said the Marine A little further: She is ready for anything. To all the denials, to all the apostates (…) She opposed me because the system opposed her. She gave me revenge on the media for being dumped in food since her teens”Judge Eric Zemmour.

He who openly dreams of substituting the truth will not be pitied. friends Republicans. ” If you want to go, you’ll need a guy like me. If I go, I will need a man like you Laurent Wakes reassured him. We know the rest. Eric Ciotti? I’ll be sorry (if he becomes) my opponent as LR chief Eric Zemmour threatens, while explaining that rapprochement with his friend is unimaginable: I believe his passing will not be accepted or understood by the activists and members of LR who associate us with the same affection But he adds, God forbid, however, to overwhelm poor Ciotti »…

sequel after announcement

The practice of self-evaluation, especially in politics, often calls its authors to humility, but this is not the case with Eric Zemmour. In her role as Cassandra I wanted to spare my country the torment that I predicted, pg. 325), Eric Zemmour has the beautiful role: ” It is my cross, my destiny and my honor. To whom did we change our advice: save us? “:” We see priests in casques blessing me, and soon will call the descendants of the kings of France to vote for me. (p. 105), Since my defeat, many French people, young and old, students and pensioners, trust me that they have decided to leave France. (p. 137). Or even Philippe de Villiers, ecstatic on page 164: “ It’s been decades since I’ve seen the Vendée rise like this for a man As a reminder, Eric Zemmour’s result in the first round in the Vendée will be 6.11%, below the national average.

So no, I don’t regret anything.

With regard to the criticisms directed at his person, Eric Zemmour is less generous with his reader. Yet the person who, in his dual role as journalist and candidate, claimed to be best prepared to confront the horrors of the campaign and expose its flaws, in fact fell for both. Although he devotes an entire chapter (“Mea Culpa”) to a collection of his own. mistakes ” And ” clumsy Regret is weak. Eric Zemmour admits some of them, half-heartedly, like his Marseille middle finger to an opponent. SOS Racisme activists being beaten by hooligans during their meeting in Villepinte? a ” excitement “From the group of left-wing activists, simply” Manu Militari was expelled by the security service The ‘Macron killer’ chanted by the crowd at Trocadero? The tale that throws polemical borders on the absurd:

“At the end of the campaign, a friend invited me to dinner at his house. As soon as he arrived, he told me that his children had something to tell me. Two little heads of nine or ten with lowered eyes came up to me: “Mr. Zemmour, we wanted to say sorry. Sorry, because on the day of the Trocadero we were among those who shouted “Macron killer”, and we know he caused you problems.

The gun is aimed at the press, in October at the Milipol exhibition also,” kid joke “Manifestation” That part is childish and mischievous which persisted in his character and which, he says, earned him a letter of rebuke from one of his aunts—” It’s crazy, I saw little Eric who was doing stupid things at 10! You look the same! His repulsive appearance before the Bataclan, described by some victims and their relatives as “sacrilegious”, left him above all with a memory of ” Useless excuse “obsessed with the media for” to denounce his alleged brutality The same note on his output in the education of disabled children: I wouldn’t say it the same way in front of journalists who are ready to cut the slightest sentence out of context. His inclination towards Russia and his refusal to take in Ukrainian refugees after the outbreak of the war was Maybe the mistake that cost me the most ”, he writes. He accuses his former ally, former MEP Jerome Rivière, of having twisted his arm on this subject… According to Eric Zemmour, “ There is really only one mistake that the media expects me to admit, and it is precisely the one that I do not want to concede because I believe they are wrong and history will prove them wrong: that I regret having given priority in my campaign to the identity of France. They want me to say I was in the wrong thread “.

Does he regret starting? this question, ” I assure you, I can’t stop asking (…) I can’t stop asking myself either Before a final tribute to his bravery: “ Why did you give up a comfortable position, not only physically, but psychologically? (…) Every evening hundreds of thousands of people stop their activities – work, leisure, manual labor, etc. – or delay dinner to watch “Face à l’info” [son émission sur CNews, NDLR] Then the answer comes a few lines later, unsurprisingly: “ So no, I do not regret anything “Whose fault, then?” The French are contradictory: they prefer real speech, but when a man rejects the language of wood, they see it as monstrous. »

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