Home Politics After using 49.3, Mélenchon criticizes the “collapse of the presidential minority”

After using 49.3, Mélenchon criticizes the “collapse of the presidential minority”

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon noted The collapse of the presidential minority This Thursday, March 15th rally on the Place de la Concorde in Paris after 49.3 was used by Elizabeth Bourne to embrace disputed pension reforms.

Blockage in Le Havre against pension reform: “We don’t run the 100m, it’s a marathon”

“The presidential minority has collapsed before your very eyes, with Ms. Bourne playing her entire role as a fuse that somehow burned through this session.”mocked Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

sequel after announcement


According to him, after this “failure”the social movement has “A good chance to take the last word.”. “We are facing a text that is not approved in the forms of parliamentary democracy.”the rebel leader insisted, while the assembly, at the invitation of the Solidaires, was gaining momentum.

“There will be no vote in the House on a text that therefore does not have parliamentary legitimacy.” And “I don’t have anything on the street.”denounced.

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He was “It was adopted only by the Senate, but not by the masses of the French, nor by the National Assembly, nor by the trade unions, nor by workers’ councils.”added the former presidential candidate.

“The unions are calling for the continuation of work, and this is what we will do.”, He said. Emmanuel Macron “I can’t imagine getting to this point by force.”In view of the platform.

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