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Why the future of the abortion pill is under threat in the United States

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Abortion rights are still questioned in the United States. After a Supreme Court decision last year that allowed states to legalize the right to abortion, the future of the abortion pill, which has been permitted for more than 20 years in the territory, is in turn threatened on Wednesday, March 15.

The decision to be taken by Matthew Kaksmarek, who was appointed by former US President Donald Trump as a federal judge in Texas, may have an important impact such as the annulment of the Roe v. Wade ruling last June.

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The abortion pill lawsuit was strategically filed in Amarillo, Texas, where the only federal judge known to be hostile to abortion. His decision can extend to the whole country: Amarillo’s case is a wake-up call for anyone who thinks they aren’t concerned.” Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood, exposed Alexis McGill Johnson. Medical abortion will be questioned in all states, even those that legalize abortion.

The abortion pill received its first charge last November, when a coalition of doctors and anti-abortion groups sued the US Drug Administration (FDA). Prosecutors accuse the FDA of having acquired Mifepristone (RU 486), one of two pills used to medically terminate pregnancy, twenty-three years ago. They accuse the FDA of selection Politics, not science.by approving a chemical product that has the potential to cause complications, and to occur in the process “She exceeded her powers.”

50 years after Roe v. Wade: “Opposition to abortion is a very powerful tool for electoral mobilization”

Pending an examination of the merits, they asked Judge Kaksmarek to immediately suspend the license of mifepristone throughout the United States. It will be such a decision “destroyer of women”Ten days ago, she denounced presidential spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre.

The method permitted in the United States currently uses two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol. If the decision to stop selling birth control pills containing mifepristone is implemented, this second pill can still be used by women who wish to have an abortion.

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Procedure for 53% of women

Since the abortion pill became legal in the United States, more than 5.6 million women have had medical abortions. A small percentage, fewer than 1,500 women, have had complications after using the drug, but no link has been proven, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

In states where abortion is still legal, the medical route is the most commonly used and involved 53% of women. It is a procedure that is considered less invasive and less expensive than a surgical abortion. Women who want to have an abortion while in a country that bans it can travel to neighboring countries to obtain abortion pills. “Anyway, I think there will be chaos when the judge makes up his mind.”Elisa Wells, founder of the Plan C abortion pill information network, tells AFP.

In Florida, the southernmost resort of last resort, the fight for abortion looks tough

Regardless of Judge Kaksmarek’s decision, it can be appealed and reviewed by the New Orleans Federal Court of Appeals, which is also known for its conservative stance. The case may end up in the US Supreme Court – which is also mostly conservative.

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