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Towards requests from garbage collectors in Paris? Anne Hidalgo and Gerald Darmanin passed the responsibility

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo “He has no power” to demand that the garbage collectors go on strike for pension reform and “don’t intend to ask” It is up to the state to act in this direction. On Wednesday, March 15, it answers the government while trash cans are strewn on the sidewalks of the capital.

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On Tuesday evening, on the ninth day of the renewable strike, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin instructed the Paris police chief to ask the city council to do so. “to seize” Methods for the evacuation of nearly 7,000 tons of rubbish scattered on the sidewalks of the capital. If the town hall “He does not pursue the request, the state will replace him.” To evacuate the trash we added in the minister’s entourage.

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City skill

“Gerald Darmanin informed the mayor of his intention to lift the siege and take over the strikers, knowing that the city did not have the authority to do so.”Wednesday morning, footnote to the Socialist team is reported to France Press.

Anne Hidalgo, social movement supporter, She told him that she did not intend to ask him to do so, and advised him to prefer dialogue over forcing him.adds the same source.

The garbage collectors’ strike caused overflowing trash cans in Paris and other cities in France

In a message on Tuesday, the police leadership, based on the common law of the regional communities, emphasized this “The town hall has the security police on the public highway”.

“As such, it is within its competence to ask a private company or requisition agents to carry out the task of removing rubbish and rubbish cans.”Adds the province that can “the second time” Notify the city to do so.

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“Let the state assume its responsibilities”

If this procedure “He remains unsuccessful, the superintendent of police can replace himself” in the mayor, “In an emergency when a perceived or anticipated breach of public order, health and safety so requires”Province adds.

The responsibility for assessing the public health and safety situation rests with the Regional Health Agency (ARS), “The competent state service”still refers to the province.

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“Let the state assume its responsibilities”said Tuesday First Deputy (PS) Emmanuel Gregoire, according to the government “Creates a social crisis and requires local authorities to demand a request”.

Are they asking all mayors to take over? To Edward Philip? »Former Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and the mayor of Le Havre, a city also affected by the garbage collectors’ strike, pointing to the political nature of the standoff.

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