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The National Assembly rejects the controversial reform in the first reading

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A setback for the government: On Wednesday, March 15, the National Assembly rejected the controversial reform of nuclear safety in a first reading, and some majority votes joined the right to oppose “dismantling” From the Institute for Intended Safety (IRSN).

The CEO would like to establish the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), a technical expert, within the ASN, the policeman at power plants.

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But MPs approved, by show of hands, an amendment by Benjamin St. Will, of the independent Loyot Group, to keep the “double organization” Between the Institute and the Aman Authority, all this sensitive article of the Nuclear Revival Bill was revealed.

How is the nuclear lobby trying to win the battle of ideas?

However, the topic is not closed. The government can still resort to second deliberations. Discussions on the rest of the bill were extended until Friday evening at the Bourbon Palace, before a formal vote on Tuesday, March 21, was decided in the evening by the Conference of Presidents, which brings together leaders of political groups and senior officials. from the assembly. The parliamentary shuttle will continue after that.

“We suggested to the Senate, given the importance of the subject, that a second reading be conducted.”Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher warned.

IRSN staff are careful. “I am very happy, but I am worried about my joy that I have not won it yet. The government should hear this disapproval.”confirms François Geoffroy, representative of the trade unions. On Monday, during the third day of the strike, hundreds of IRSN employees demonstrated near the assembly, holding up slogans such as “IRSN dismantled, nuclear safety sold”.

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On the bike, the left protested against “precipitation” from fix “siege”a “dangerous proposition” According to ecologist and former minister Delphine Batho. this “Disassembly in order. We need that search independence within IRSN.”Insoumise Aurelie Trouvé insisted.

The votes of a few majorities also rose, including former minister Barbara Pompili (Renaissance). ‘Without any effect study’And It’s crazy for you to throw it at us like that.Launched. ” I’m shocked “.

Joel Barr, the new “Mr. Nuclear” responsible for averting a blackout in the year 2035

Agnès Bagnier-Ronacher answered her directly by addressing her as a familiar: “You know very well that this fix and this interrogation have already been underway for a few months.”. And “There is no change, at any time, to any line of our nuclear safety procedures.”checked.

Macron rapporteur Maud Bregon also noted that after the potential merger, “The decision and expertise within the ASN will remain just as disjointed as it is today.”.

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The MoD, divided on the issue, wanted to propose a compromise amendment with a parliamentary oversight committee on reform.

LRs, “I was a little surprised by the look.”we look somewhat positively at the merger, “Efficiency Guarantee” to “simplifying procedures”According to Representative Jerome Nouri. “The sky will not fall on nuclear safety”Reassure.

“No opposition in principle”the RN reported withholding the subject’s appreciation “Unsuccessful”.

A dual system created in the early 2000s

The disappearance of the IRSN was identified during a “Nuclear Policy Council” About Emmanuel Macron on February 3. It was announced on the 8th of February and then introduced, with a slight amendment, which was approved by the Committee in the Assembly.

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objective: “Simplify ASN’s review and decision-making processes to respond to the increased volume of activity associated with sector relaunch”.

Emmanuel Macron hesitated to waltz on nuclear power

That merger did not appear in the text, however, during the Senate’s wide-ranging adoption of the nuclear stimulus bill at the end of January.

This ASN/IRSN dual system was established in early 2000. In IRSN, 1800 engineers, doctors, geologists, etc., safety experience and research. At ASN and its 500 dealers, the decision, backed by IRSN’s expertise, e.g. when a defect in a plant is noticed or a site must be licensed.

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