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The government accused Hidalgo of exacerbating the situation

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More than 7,600 tons of waste littered the sidewalks of the capital on Wednesday, March 15th. According to the government, the person responsible for all these evils is none other than Anne Hidalgo. The Paris mayor has already shown her support for the strike movement against pension reform from the very first measures.

Through the voice of the spokesperson, the government accused the socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo“duty” for Parisians ” Results “ of his support for the strike movement. “Political responsibility rests with the mayor of Paris”Olivier Ferrand said, after being questioned after the cabinet on Wednesday.

sequel after announcement

Richard, 58, former garbage collector: “Being behind a garbage can until you’re 64? It’s impossible! »

The day before, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin had instructed the Paris police chief to ask the city council to do so “to seize” A means of evacuating rubbish carrying a health hazard label. If the town hall “He does not pursue the request, the state will replace him.” To clear out the trash, we’ve added in Gerald Darmanin’s footnote.

There is no request at this point

The Minister Delegate for Small and Medium Enterprises, Olivia Gregoire, was also quizzed in the town hall on Sunday. “Garbage is piling up, but the town hall in Paris does not respond to the call and continues to oppose ideology in defiance of Parisians and its mission of public service,” Then I wrote in a tweet.

Beauvau, for his part, confirms that the request “this [mercredi] Morning at the town hall ». We have not received any purchase order at this point.Agence France-Presse footnote of the socialist team.

Blockage in Le Havre against pension reform: “We don’t run the 100m, it’s a marathon”

Above all, the town hall “He has no power” To seize the strikers, he reaffirms the entourage of Anne Hidalgo, who had reported to Gerald Darmanin “She did not intend to ask him to do so and advised him to prefer dialogue rather than force him.”.

sequel after announcement

In a message on Tuesday, the police leadership, based on the common law of local authorities, emphasized this “The town hall has the security police on the public highway”. So it is “Within its competence to request a private company or to confiscate the agents.”He adds the province that says it can “the second time” Notify the city to do so.

“Negotiation, not confrontation”

If this procedure “He remains unsuccessful, the superintendent of police can replace himself” in the mayor, “In an emergency when a perceived or anticipated breach of public order, health and safety so requires”Province adds.

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On Wednesday morning, the socialist mayor renewed her support for the social movement. The government announces that it will demand a forfeiture. I invite it to social dialogue, to negotiate rather than confrontation. He must withdraw his law that mistreats workers who perform jobs of absolute social benefit.”I wrote in a tweet.

The Paris municipality also planned to reduce city council membership on Wednesday afternoon to allow elected officials who wish to be able to demonstrate against pension reform.

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