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The French American Film Festival, formerly COLCOA, has set its release dates for 2023

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The French American Film Festival, formerly COLCOA, has set its 2023 release dates as October 18-22.

Organized by the Franco-American Cultural Fund, the festival will host its 27th edition at the Directors Guild of America Theater on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

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said Cecile Rabe-Weber, executive director of Sacem (the guild of authors, composers, and music publishers) that runs the Franco-American Cultural Fund.

“The Franco-American Film Festival is a wonderful symbol of the embodiment of Franco-American friendship, a defining moment and a spotlight for the promotion of French cinema and all its talented creators,” said Rababir.

Launched in 1996 as Hollywood’s springboard for French films, the festival has hosted film premieres by critically acclaimed filmmakers such as Jean-Jacques Annaud, Emmanuelle Moret, Momona Doucoure, Céline Defoe, Olivier Assayas and Catel Quelvere.

A number of films have also been picked up for US distribution following their premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, including Michael Hazanavicius’ “Final Cut” (Kino Lorber), “A Family for 1640 Days” (US Film Distribution), and “The Super 8.” (Keanu Lorber). Each year, the American-French Film Festival brings together French real-life stars and filmmakers to screen their films and participate in panel discussions, among other activities. Past guests include Marion Cotillard and Omar Sy.

“Holding in the heart of Hollywood, the French-American Film Festival has become a major international event allowing French filmmakers and talents to gain notoriety within the local film community,” said François Truvart, Executive Producer and Programmer. “Now more than ever, French-language films and series have many opportunities to find a home and audience in the United States,” Truffart continued. He also said that the festival provided a unique platform for international sales companies and US distributions. Promote their movies and series at the start of the awards season.

The French American Film Festival “continues to bring all things French film and television to the American film industry and its patrons in a range of programs that generate an appetite for French cinema,” said Anoushka Van Riel, deputy festival director.

Van Riel noted that the festival’s role in “identifying emerging talent and bringing them to and working in Los Angeles” has been instrumental in nurturing audiences and breaking new ground for films with producers, distributors and more than 3,000 high school students.

This year’s edition will expand its industrial program and provide more opportunities for American and French filmmakers, actors and composers to exchange ideas and best practices.

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