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Is it possible to vote on a motion to reject the text in the Council?

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It’s time to vote! The CMP had just on Wednesday, March 15 drawn up an agreement on the government-initiated pension reform, and the text will be put to a vote on Thursday morning in the Senate, and then in the National Assembly. But before finding out whether a majority is in the Palais Bourbon, the government will first have to overcome the hurdle of a motion of prior refusal put forward by the opposition.

Pension reform: How long will the confrontation last?

This tool comes directly from the National Assembly’s regulations. Opportunity to discover article 91 which shows that the subject of movement is “to make him admit that the proposed text is inconsistent with one or more constitutional provisions or to decide that there is no need for deliberation”. Result: If the motion to reject is adopted, the bill is rejected, without even being discussed. Otherwise (which is often the case), the legislative process proceeds normally.

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If no opposition group has submitted a motion yet, it is time for discussion. Ideally, from the New Grassroots Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) to the National Caucus (RN), everyone would like to publicly show their disagreement. But the rule is clear: only one movement can be checked in a unicycle. If several are submitted, selection is made by drawing lots. With the risk that the losers refuse to vote for the winner.

“We want to find the most efficient device”

This is what the group of Liberties, Independents, Overseas and Territories (LEOT) wants to avoid, where the respected MP of Marne Charles de Courson sits. With 20 MPs from different political backgrounds, the group wants to unite the entire opposition around its proposal. “All groups say they will have a better chance of being adopted.”Christophe Rossignol, General Secretary of IOT confirms.

Since Tuesday, leader Bertrand Puncher (elected Lloyd de la Meuse) has been holding talks with the various heads of opposition groups to measure the temperature. “It’s a bit complicated: LFI says it’s ready not to file an application, but it’s afraid the RN will make a last-minute filing. And vice versa.”Christophe Rossignol trusts.

Is pension reform unconstitutional?

Within Nupes itself, the question arises of what strategy to follow. “All options are on the table.”Jerome Guide, the Socialist MP for Essonne, confirms. It is the assembly of the movement of the Liuett group, which is a joint movement of the union of the left or the freedom of each group to present its own group. The topic was discussed yesterday at an intergroup meeting, but no decision was made. “We want to find the most efficient device”hard on the PS elect.

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LR MPs can tip the vote

But the key is neither on the left nor on the far right. “We are waiting to see what LR deputies will do.”Christophe Rossignol explains. Gathered around Aurélien Pradié (Lot), the 20 elected protesters can change the outcome of the vote. If they are ready to adopt the proposal, then its adoption will be possible and the assembly will be facilitated, we believe on the part of the Liot group.

“Today, reform as presented is a no”: what if the right retreats?

This decision on the part of the right-wing deputies will be incendiary. It could not only seriously undermine government reform, but would also confirm the split within the LR group in the Assembly and to a lesser extent in the Senate. When the pension reform reached the Assembly on 6 February, the motion to reject Mathilde Bannot (LFI) failed by only 25 votes. This time, you can’t miss the votes.

The Government clearly understood this risk during the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. “The government has grown. The government has accepted almost everything the Republicans have asked for.”, inherited, in particular, Socialist Senator Monique Le Pen. Desperate for a majority to vote for reform, Elizabeth Bourne will first have to avoid being rejected.

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