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In the UK, a massive strike this Wednesday in the face of inflation above 10%

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There are no strikes only in France. Hundreds of thousands of people, teachers, London Underground drivers, doctors and civil servants went on strike in the UK on Wednesday 15 March to demand higher salaries, the same day the Conservative government unveiled its budget.

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And this, according to the British media, is the most important working day in several years. The country has been facing a wave of social unrest for months while inflation remains above 10%. The British are facing a sharp rise in food and energy prices.

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The London Underground is closed

In London, the Underground was at a standstill, and the drivers were ” the tube “ stop working. The stations remained closed.

The striking teachers in England will continue their movement on Thursday. Thousands of them demonstrated in London in the middle of the day. Faced with the inadequacy of the government’s proposals, which fall far short of inflation exceeding 10%, many leave the profession at a level “worrying”told AFP Kim Allen, a teacher from London, and “We have the impression that the message did not get through.”.

“We’re literally sick of the way we’re being treated.”And We gather to tell the government that we are serious.She added in a wave of Union flags in Trafalgar Square.

The hospital doctors, who started their work on Monday, did not return to their posts and joined the demonstration.

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“We’ve had enough!”

When Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt presented his budget to parliament, civil servants demonstrated outside Downing Street, drumming and whistles. “What do we want? 10%! When do we want it? Now ! »The demonstrators echoed.

Jill Gant, a 59-year-old woman in the Correctional Service, described it as:“curse” 2% increase proposed by the government. “It’s time for the government to listen to what we have to say”She told AFP.

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“We are currently seeing the biggest wave of strikes in the UK for years. Ordinary people are saying, ‘We’ve had enough’”said Mark Sirotka, general secretary of PCS, the first public sector union.

“In the UK we have the strongest anti-union legislation, and it is very difficult to organize a strike.”He told AFP. “The fact that so many people are on strike makes me optimistic that we can win.”.

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Tens of thousands of public servants are forced to go to food banks while others are forced to “avoid meals”He said earlier on Sky News

Measures 107 billion euros

Jeremy Hunt, presenting the budget on Wednesday, estimated 94 billion pounds (107.7 billion euros) over two years of government measures put in place by purchasing power.

In particular, the government announced a three-month extension of the ceiling on energy prices for households, which was supposed to rise on April 1.

Jeremy Hunt also announced a 12-month extension of the fuel tax freeze.

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