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Gary Lineker suspended and then brought back to the BBC: Video summary

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Former English football legend Gary Lineker, in his new life as a BBC presenter, is used to commenting on other people’s performances. But this time, it was he who found himself at the center of the news. His channel suspended after violent tweets against the immigration bill Lineker will finally return to the popular show “Match of the Day”, after a week of controversy that took to the air of national controversy, As seen in the video montage above.

The case opens with a video posted on Twitter by Soella Braverman, the British Home Secretary. It detailed a bill aimed at restricting asylum claims from migrants arriving through the canal. Gary Lineker, long known for his stances in favor of the exiles, denounces in response to “ harsh politics “his language reminds him” 1930s Germany “.

sequel after announcement

Lineker’s suspension triggers a slingshot

His messages do not go unnoticed. After two days and three million views, the BBC management announced the withdrawal of the star broadcaster, on the grounds that the latter would not respect his duty of impartiality. The punishment sparked a revolution within the British establishment. Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, the two former players who shared the ‘Match of the Day’ poster with Lineker, refused to participate in the following broadcast. Unprecedented fact, the latter must be broadcast by providing summaries only of the preliminary matches.

Broken Britain: a journey into a depressed country

Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labor Party, or Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish prime minister, are among the political figures stepping up in support of the former ‘Three Lions’ number 10 – who has never received the least yellow card as a player. The opposition points in particular to the rapprochement between the leadership of the public channel and the ruling Conservative party. Even DJ Fatboy Slim exposes the presenter’s face during a concert, as a sign of solidarity, while conservative tabloids pick it up for the case.

The way out of the crisis

On 13 March, Gary Lineker and the BBC finally announced that common ground had been found. The presenter will be able to make his big comeback on air. According to the channel, an independent survey will soon look at the use of social networks by presenters who do not deal with general news. What allows the ex-striker to continue to closely monitor the British authorities’ immigration policy, which is criticized even by the United Nations?

After a few surreal days, I’m glad we made it through. I want to thank you all for your amazing support, and especially my colleagues at BBC Sport, for this wonderful show of solidarity. Football is a team game, but their support has been overwhelming.

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