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CMP, text returns to the Assembly, Hypothesis 49.3 .. This week’s critical program

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home extension. The Senate, with a right-wing majority, adopted the reform on the evening of Saturday 11 March after ten days of heated debate, giving the government its first legislative success on this hotly contested provision.

Four out of ten employees do not feel able to work until retirement

If the vote for reform remains uncertain, the week promises to be decisive. In Hemecquerel, the senators and deputies must reach a compromise, while the unions continue to put pressure on the executive.

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By Wednesday, March 15th: Transportation is disrupted

On Monday, March 13th, general assemblies will be organized in all French universities to decide on the blockade and mobilization on Wednesday, March 15th. “We have to take a step forward on extremism”explained on Saturday to “Obs” Eléonore Schmitt, a young spokesperson for the Alternative Student Union and student of political science.

In Paris, as in other cities in France, the garbage collectors are on strike, at least until Wednesday. In its renewable strike notice, the CGT states that garbage collectors and drivers can currently claim to retire at age 57 without gratuity, an age that is rolled back to 59 if pension reform is adopted. “The vast majority of waste and water management employees have a life expectancy of 12 to 17 years lower than all employees”The union is also in the midst of negotiations over index reclassification and career development for garbage collectors, stresses the union.

At the March 7 demonstration: “If we have to cut off the country for three weeks, we will do it”

On the side of the SNCF, which has also engaged in a renewed strike, will be trading trains “Big improvement Monday” March 13, but it will still be disabled on most lines. During the day, three out of every five TGV Inoui and Ouigo should be running and traffic will be “very upset” Regionally, with an average of one TER in two.

The ban is also expected to continue at many refineries across the country. On the TotalEnergies website in Donges, “The union CGT, CFDT, FO renewed the movement until Thursday, 9 p.m..”replied on BFMTV Fabien Privé Saint-Lanne, CGT secretary for the refinery.

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Wednesday, March 15: Joint Committee meeting and strike day among professionals

In the two half-bikes, too, the week promises to be a busy one. Wednesday, it’s the joint committee’s turn to make a decision. Seven senators and seven deputies must meet behind closed doors in a room in the Palais Bourbon to reach a compromise between the two chambers. At the center of the discussions, always: raising the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years. The presidential camp and the right seem to dominate this committee, with five and four in favor of reform, respectively, including Olivier Marlix, president of the LR deputies.

Pensions: how Macron is betting on right-wing senators to save his reform

And in the unlikely event that the joint committee fails, the parliamentary shuttle will be constrained by a tight schedule. Parliament must decide a total of 50 days, that is, by March 26 at midnight, otherwise the reform provisions will be implemented by decree of the government.

On the same day, in parallel with the meeting, the eighth day of mobilization by the unions was planned.

Thursday, March 16: Possible vote in the Senate and House of Representatives

In the executive’s best-case scenario, if Representatives and Senators reach an agreement within this committee, the amended text should be approved Thursday, March 16, from 9 a.m. in the Senate, and then 3 p.m. in the National Assembly. This last vote, if favourable, would be worthy of its definitive adoption by Parliament.

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It remains for the government to obtain a majority in the Assembly to avoid recourse to Article 49.3, which allows adoption without a vote but exposes the executive to the risk of motion of censure.

Saturday, March 18th: Towards submitting claims of censure?

In the event that the controversial article is used, the opposition will not sit idly by. New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) and National Assembly (RN) deputies should submit motions of censure. It will be discussed from Saturday afternoon. Without right-wing votes, these movements are unlikely to succeed. The reform project will then be considered approved – this does not mean that social mobilization will end.

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