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The rebels themselves want to announce the joint committee discussions, Wednesday 15 March

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It is the end of rejection. On Tuesday, March 14, National Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Biveh again refused to announce the joint committee debates that would take place on Wednesday. Decided between seven deputies and seven senators, it should make it possible to decide on the final text of the highly controversial pension reform.

Pension Reform: Behind the Closed Doors of the Joint Commission

decent. We will make sure to make these discussions public. Parliamentarians are responsible to their constituents! », the reaction of the rebellious deputy from Val-de-Marne, Mathilde Bannot. After being invited to the LCP mic on Monday, she had already threatened “Timely announcement of the procedures and content of discussions” If the Presidency of the National Assembly refuses to adjourn the closed session. Why is the debate public in the Assembly and the Senate? Because everyone can follow the discussions and I find it interesting, at a time when many aspects of this text have not been discussed, citizens can see what is going on.justified on the set.

sequel after announcement

“We are seriously considering announcing exchanges in the joint committee”For his part, the socialist Arthur Delaporte noted on Tuesday. “For the opposition, it is still necessary to be able to do it publicly”justify.

Corridor negotiations

“There is no provision preventing MPs from speaking about what is happening in their meetings.”, justifies with the “ops” the rebellious deputy of Haute-Garonne, Hadrian Clouet. And to add some sarcasm:

I follow with precision and discipline everything that the presidency decides, which refused to allow cameras. Either will not be there. But I may speak before the majority of topic content. »Is pension reform unconstitutional?

As for Mathilde Bannott’s understudy, it is ” natural “ During the joint committee on Wednesday that the talks between parliamentarians do not remain secret to those who elected them.

“The COP/MOP is a space for corridor negotiations, and an opportunity for the government to take back control of the text with the help of a few discretionary elected officials. It should be known.”

If the device is still “under development”it ensures that the social networking of deputies LFI “It will work fine on Wednesday.”.

What does the law say? In his post, obtained by HuffPost, Yael Brown-Biveh points out that “Publicity of the commission’s work is only assured by a written report containing reports of the commission’s work and votes, as well as interventions made before it, to the exclusion of any other process.” two words (” Just ” And ” except “) to Article 112. Nothing in the constitution or the statutes of the National Assembly prohibits publicizing the work of the joint committee. However, it is not customary for it to be made public.

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