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The company’s management signature: identifying its management as attractive

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What is the administrative signature of your company? What defines the management of your company? How unique is your management? How would you describe how your business works? The management signature is a display of the organization’s management style to distinguish itself and be attractive.

Management: a major attraction

Management is a relational business that brings together people with affiliate links and a commitment to production within a constrained framework. Management aims to coordinate individual actions and create a group that constitutes a production force and identity warehouse. Management is a form of organizational work rules. Management plays a coordinating role, but it is also, above all, a link to the group. The same group is expressed by the local director and the entire managerial line.

The quality of this managerial engagement depends on commitment in production and in the group, and a DARES survey in 2013 indicated that a bad relationship with his manager and hierarchy was the number one reason for quitting. 46% Respondents stated that the quality of relations with management was the main reason for leaving. A 2015 Gallup study said so 50% Giving up the job was explained by a bad relationship with the local manager.

Identify your department with an administrative signature

Management is above all the practices and attitudes of people who exercise responsibilities collectively and who have delegations of authority to carry out a particular production. represent management 10 to 20% of the workforce By companies. The practices are embodied in procedures of production, forecasting, organization and control of activity with collaborators.

An administrative signature often takes the form of a generic form eg Work smile For Malakoff Humanis or even a edit project for French games. Administrative signature is defined by four components: the practices and attitudes of managers and the group administrative principles and protocols. We talk about the four elements of management (practices, attitudes, principles, protocols)

Applications They are verbs with tools. For example, meeting on Mondays, weekly commentary on numbers, bi-annual colloquium, budgets, and quality reviews are practices. positions Relates to the manager’s behavior and the way he exercises his responsibilities. Concepts of autonomy, listening, co-construction, and the search for well-being are all part of the attitudes. Attitudes are expressed through behavior in various management situations.

Administrative signature components

The collective vision of management is expressed through Strong principles. La Française de Jeux pushed the manager-coach concept to emphasize the manager’s role in the development of its employees. Other organizations highlight entrepreneurship, innovation, or creativity. The collective is the carrier Administrative protocols which can be applied throughout the organization and thus embody principles and influence individual practices and attitudes. Covéa has popularized co-development. Jean-Pierre Le Cam, of the Société Générale, highlights the management guidance system. Orange is seeking time off to breathe to allow its employees to take the time for outside discovery. EDF, within the framework of the TAMA (Otherwise Work Manager) project, presented the idea of ​​a team contract. Véolia Eau Ile de France experiments with mutual expectations.

These four concepts make up the components of the management signature that must be defined by an attractive and credible wording. The administrative signature plays the role of identity and distinction of the sign. The four components require a group in the movement of the organization and many experiences that must be organized around a project to improve visibility and consistency.

Administrative innovation: the opportunity to create a new administrative signature

The Covid-19 crisis shattered the glass ceiling for face-to-face work and paved the way for hybrid work. This major change in the business is accompanied by changes in management methods and thus new management signatures for companies. Management is about getting people to cooperate under constraints in the context of personal and group development. Management innovation aims to reinvent patterns of cooperation according to the needs of organizations and societal expectations. The administrative signature is not the task of the company that defines its activity and project. The management signature is not the culture and its values ​​that form part of the company’s history. Administrative signature is the administrative project at a given time to a group.

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