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New jackpot for Marine Le Pen’s weary friends

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You cannot change the winning (big) team. While the case of the National Rally campaign groups is set to go before the Court of Appeal in Paris on Wednesday, many of the champions of this “fraud at the expense of the state” continue to deal with Marine Le Pen and his party.

Marine Le Pen, The Silent Conquest

Here’s what emerges from his 2022 presidential campaign account, published this week by the Committee on Campaign Accounts (CNCCFP) and consulted by “Obs.” Among the service providers most requested by the candidate, we find Electronic Politics, a communications agency accustomed to the elections of the Front. The amount of the bill just for the “management of websites and social networks” for the presidential campaign: about 520,000 euros out of the 534,525 euros the party spent on its digital communications. Amount reimbursed by the state and endorsed by the CNCCFP – after consideration of a About 30% during his first exchanges with the candidate’s team.

sequel after announcement

We have been working with them for years.

Two sulfuric relatives of Marine Le Pen are closely related to this company, of which they own about 45% of the shares: Frédéric Chatillon, through his holding company “Erer” (“Eagle” in Breton) and Axelle Lustu, whose company “Agos”, which he founded, owns Also interested in ‘cyber politics.’ Both are former college friends of the candidate and former members of the Union Defense Group, GUD, the far-right student organization, notorious for its violence. The pedigree is far from the notabilisation shown by the RN and its headliners. Contact Kevin Pfeiffer, Moselle deputy and treasurer The party, calling it “loops,” and not wanting to expand too much on this millennial collaboration between RN and her overworked partners and friends: “We’ve worked with them for years and they keep us happy.”

“They are there, in the countryside …”: an investigation of Le Pen’s 87 soldiers on a consolidation mission in the regions

Political companionship also pays very large dividends to “cyberpolitics”. Established in 2014, following a judicial investigation into “campaign groups” From the RN, it seems that “electronic politics” is one of the most regular beneficiaries of the electoral front’s adventures. During the 2017 presidential elections, as revealed by “Lopes”, the company has already collected about 886 thousand euros for “audiovisual advertising”, “telephone and SMS promotion” and “social networking” services. The same generosity during the 2019 Europeans, led by Jordan Bardella, billed about 400 thousand euros for the “electronic policy”, according to the newspaper “Le Monde”. In RN, formerly FN, good accounts continue to make good friends.

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