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Behind closed doors of the Joint Commission

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It may be that this positive pension reform will have published many Articles of the Constitution in record time. The next astral number is 45, the number that predicts, As a result of the disagreement between the two councils, […] Meeting of the joint committee responsible for proposing text on items still under discussion”.

On Wednesday, March 15th, from nine in the morning, seven deputies and seven senators will gather behind closed doors in the hall normally reserved for the Committee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly. In the menu, therefore, the search for a middle ground “mother of reforms” – says Emmanuel Macron – in such a chaotic parliamentary career.

In this attic where the exchanges are supposed to be kept secret until the end, there will in fact be 28. Seven more MPs and seven other “alternate” members will be present and will be able to speak, but only the fourteen votes, which are taken by a show of hands. To be adopted, the referee must receive a majority of votes. In the event of a tie, it is rejected.

10 out of 14 members support reform

How were the lucky winners chosen? It depends on their room of origin. In the National Assembly, the choice is up to the heads of the political groups. In the Senate, the appropriate committee, in this case the Committee on Social Affairs, appoints its representatives. Both technical and

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