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Tim: Find out an electric scooter is cheaper than a metro ticket

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Navigo’s on the rise, increasing car/motorcycle insurance costs, still-high fuel prices… Getting around is getting more and more complicated and expensive. After implementing energy saving solutions for energy regeneration, entrepreneur Edouard Barthes has launched a major innovation in the field of new mobility: electric scooters accessible for only 2 euros per day! Cheaper than a bus ticket.

Tym is the new French brand of electric scooters developed to allow everyone to benefit from a very practical mode of transport for fast and environmentally friendly travel. The company offers a new ecological and economical mode of transport with 3 ranges of scooters equivalent to 50 cc or 125 cc from 2000 euros. Choose unconditional freedom. Accessible, ecological and economical, Tym’ scooters will revolutionize transportation. The innovation lies above all in the way the scooter is financed, designed to democratize electric mobility and make it more affordable for everyone. In this context, TYM, a subsidiary of the energy renewal group EBS, offers to buy an electric scooter in three clicks on its website and for 2 euros a day, the equivalent of a cup of coffee or a subway ticket.

Charging simplicity: like a phone

There is a 6kg battery under the saddle. It recharges quickly, between 4 and 5 hours, anywhere on a standard 220-volt outlet. It relieves anyone of having to search agonizingly for a terminal or charging point. Created by Edouard Barthès to address the need for economical and ecological mobility, the company offers a long-term rental option. In addition to managing registration (gray card and plate), top condition and windshield offered for purchase, as well as annual audit and rental insurance, Tym now offers as many LLDs from €2/day. A real way to fight the gas price explosion or the Navigo Pass price hike.

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