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LFI activists and Nupes MPs are calling for the final disqualification of the recalcitrant MP convicted of domestic violence

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More than a thousand LFI activists and Nobis signed a column in Le Monde on Monday 26 December to denounce the movement’s decision to only temporarily exclude from its parliamentary group MP Adrien Koatenens, sentenced for domestic violence in mid-December.

The great embarrassment to “France” because of the Adrien Quatennens case

“We, the members of Rebel France and the Nupes, demand the exclusion of Adrien Quatennens”can we read in the forum. “We call on activists to disobey”they continue to denounce A.J “A vertical system in favor of protecting senior executives at the expense of activists and programs”.

sequel after announcement

“We demand a more equitable internal democracy where representatives are appointed and legitimized by activists and not primarily by the constituency chained to the national office.”They write again.

“Keep your promises, act: yes, the private is political, there is no place for the aggressor in our parties, our organizations, our institutions, on our bicycles.”Urge the signatories.

The Quatennens didn’t know how to keep a low profile.

He was suspended for four months from his group in the National Assembly in the wake of his sentencing, at the beginning of December, to a suspended four-month prison sentence. “violence” On his wife, a deputy from the North declared himself a victim of “Extrajudicial execution” He refused to resign.

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

A connection that shocked even the ranks of Nupes and the LFI: Elected officials like Manon Aubry, Sarah Legrain, Aurélie Trouvé, and Alma Dufour publicly distanced themselves from comments made by their colleague.

sequel after announcement

Clementine Otten – who also deplores ” pulling out “ and the “shrinkage” On top of LFI – it didn’t go through 4 tracks: He didn’t know how to keep a low profile. After a rather severe sentence for violence against his wife, he gave his version of the facts by implicating Celine Koatennes. [et] It reflects the roles of victim and perpetrator.criticized in an interview with “JDD”.

A “hardcore strike” by 12 mundane action groups for Iraq

Since the verdict in the trial and the LFI’s decision, anger has been organized in the ranks of the rebels, and press releases from action groups have begun to pour in on social networks. “I used to get violent messages from the right, but these were definitely people I was protesting with yesterday.”Gabin Blunt, signatory to the platform and member of Young Insomes in Poitiers, breathes with AFP.

The Koatennes case: “The positions taken by some political leaders are very harmful”

According to several activists who spoke on condition of anonymity, the first text signed by six working groups was read to the new LFI coordinator Manuel Bombard on December 1, during the Jeunes Insoumis event, without asking for a response.

On December 13, Young Insomes from Poitiers took the lead and announced in a Twitter press release: “pause indefinitely” from the working group. a “militant strike” Twelve working groups (youth or not) joined it.

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