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In the United States, a deadly winter storm caused very cold Christmas holidays

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A severe winter storm, accompanied by freezing temperatures, continues to disrupt the Christmas holidays in the United States, causing the cancellation of thousands of flights and killing at least 22 people. About 530,000 homes remained without power Saturday around 10 p.m. (up from up to 1.5 million the day before), according to Poweroutage.us, mainly in North Carolina and Maine, where temperatures were largely negative.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that hail is a deadly danger and urged Americans in affected areas to stay indoors. On Friday, due to the winds, the temperature dropped to -48 degrees Celsius, according to the same source.

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In hard-hit Northeast New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul deployed the National Guard to Erie County and Buffalo, the state’s main city, where officials said emergency services were nearly paralyzed.

The situation is particularly impressive in Buffalo, located on the other side of the border with Canada. A couple from this lakeside town told AFP that the roads are too impassable and they will not make the 10-minute journey needed to visit their family at Christmas. “Currently we can see across the street, but last night we couldn’t even see beyond the balcony.”said Rebecca Bortolin, 40. Her fiancé, Ali Lawson, has a backache but would rather stay home than risk driving to the hospital.

“Boiling Water Challenge”, the blockbuster challenge of the historic North American Blizzard

Many travelers are stranded at the airports

Since Wednesday evening, a winter storm has hit the country, one of the fiercest in decades, and the accompanying polar winds have caused heavy snowfall, especially in the Great Lakes region.

More than 3,300 flights were canceled on Saturday and more than 7,500 were delayed. The previous day, nearly 6,000 flights were cancelled, according to tracking website Flightaware.com.

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Twitter on Saturday that “The heaviest disruptions are behind us, as airlines and airports gradually resume operations” — the words that travelers stranded in airports like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and New York clung to, hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Zack Cuyler, 35, was forced to spend New Year’s Eve with friends in New York, after canceling his trip to Houston twice this week, where he was scheduled to reunite with his family. Although it is “very stressful”he should be able to join his loved ones at midday on Sunday, Christmas Day. “what I’m grateful for”He told AFP.

At least 22 dead

In total, authorities have confirmed at least 22 deaths, in eight states, due to the weather. Some of those deaths have occurred on roads, which have become very dangerous, Gov. Mike DeWine said, such as in Ohio, where four people died in storm-related accidents.

Every little bit in American cities, such as Denver or Chicago, shelters have been opened to accommodate people in need to allow them to keep warm and protect them from the threat of hypothermia.

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Due to the very low temperatures, the stress on the power grid was very high. The company operating in ten states in the Northeast of America, PJM, called on residents to reduce their consumption throughout the day on Saturday, in order to avoid cuts. Some cities, particularly in North Carolina, have had to temporarily cut power due to high demand for electricity, leaving homes without heat.

In El Paso, Texas, desperate immigrants from Mexico gathered for warmth in churches, schools and a civic center, teacher and volunteer Rosa Falcone told AFP. She added that some chose to stay outside in the frigid temperatures for fear of drawing the attention of immigration authorities.

Being outside can cause frostbite in minutes.

“The storm is expected to continue all weekend, before temperatures return to seasonal standards by the middle of next week.”NWS said. until that time, “If you must travel or be outdoors, be prepared for extreme cold by wearing several layers of clothing and covering as much skin as possible.”NWS wrote on Saturday. “In some places, being outside can cause frostbite within minutes.”

Canada was also affected by the storm. Authorities also issued severe weather warnings. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power in Ontario and Quebec, while many flights were canceled at airports in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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Via Rail, Canada’s rail transit service, said all trains from Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal will be suspended on Christmas Day following the derailment, while “Extreme weather conditions” It led to many other cancellations.

Since Friday afternoon, it has become stormy “low pressure bomb” : A strong struggle between two air masses, one of which is very cold from the Arctic and the other is tropical from the Gulf of Mexico. Low pressure bombs can produce heavy rain or snowfall, coastal flooding, and hurricane-force winds.

From Toronto, meteorologist Kelsey McEwen has reported waves up to eight meters high on Lake Erie. The US weather report reported winds of 120 km/h in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, on the lake.

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