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France condemns the “obscurantism” practiced by the Taliban after banning women working in non-governmental organizations

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France denounced on Monday, December 26th “obscurantism” The Taliban after the Afghan government’s decision to ban women from working in non-governmental organizations, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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This is a new taboo against women […] Clear, again […] the obscurantism of the Taliban who choose to systematically exclude women from Afghan society”Select Quai d’Orsay, Judgment “This cruelty against them […] Unbearable “.

sequel after announcement

Paris “condemns in the strongest terms” resolution It seriously impedes the delivery of humanitarian aid at the expense of the Afghan population […] While the country is going through a serious economic and humanitarian crisis..

Disrespect for wearing the “Islamic headscarf”.

Several foreign organizations suspended their activities in Afghanistan on Sunday after NGOs were banned from working with women. Afghanistan’s economy ministry on Saturday ordered all NGOs to stop working with women or risk having their operating license suspended. It was not clear whether the directive applied to foreign workers in NGOs.

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In the letter sent to local and international NGOs, the ministry explained that it made this decision after receiving it “serious complaints” The women working there were not respectful of their dress “Islamic veil”.

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The noose around women has been tightening in recent months. The Taliban, who returned to power in August 2021, prevented them from attending public and private universities less than a week earlier, for the same reasons as not respecting the dress code. They have previously been excluded from high school.

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