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When Jean-Pierre Chevenement paid tribute to Jean-Edern Hallier

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In 1972, Jean-Pierre Chevenment, who runs Ceres (Centre for Socialist Studies, Research and Education), the left wing of the Socialist Party, puts out the party’s program under the leadership of François Mitterrand. The future minister, who had a succession of ministerial portfolios between 1981 and 2000 (he resigned twice), had published in 1967, together with Didier Mochan and Alain Gómez, under the collective pseudonym Jacques Mandrin, “Enarchy or the mandarians of community bourgeoise”, an article against The school the three men came from.

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In the article we republish below, Jean-Pierre Chevenement (then 33) pays tribute to Jean-Edern Haller’s fourth book (1936-1997), The Peoples’ Affair. “Spiritual and political autobiography”And the Similar to Drew La Rochelle, also taken since 1920 “France scale” », Jean-Edern Hallier’s book is decorated here with all the virtues. The writer became famous later with a pamphlet in 1979 against President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, then with his revenge on his successor François Mitterrand (threatening to reveal the existence of his daughter then in hiding, in a book that will not reach a year.

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