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Treatment of Afghan women as a potential “crime against humanity” threatens the G7

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May constitute the actions taken by the Taliban against women in Afghanistan “Crime against humanity”The G7 foreign ministers warned in a press release issued on Thursday, December 22nd. The ministers, who met via video conference, called on the Taliban regime to reverse its decision to prevent women from studying in universities and to ban girls from secondary education.

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They warn Kabul of the possible consequences before the International Criminal Court in The Hague: “Persecution on the basis of gender may constitute a crime against humanity under the Rome Statute, and Afghanistan is a state party to it.”. “The Taliban’s policies aimed at erasing women from public life will have consequences for our country’s relations with the Taliban.”they warn.

sequel after announcement

“A new step towards the cave age”

“The recent measures taken by the Taliban, which come on top of the previous cumulative measures restricting the enjoyment of human rights and basic freedoms for women and girls in Afghanistan, are deeply troubling and appear to constitute a systemic policy.”they mourn.

At a press conference in Berlin with her Danish counterpart, German Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock brought the point home, describing the Taliban’s recent moves against women’s education. “A new step towards the cave age”.

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But she is not the only one, she said, recalling that in recent months the Taliban have doubled the restrictions imposed on women’s freedom: “Not only do they no longer have the right to study, they no longer have the right to go to parks and leave their homes without a headscarf.”.

The ban on Afghan women attending university, decided by the Taliban regime, has sparked widespread criticism in the Western world. It has also been condemned by Turkey and Iran.

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