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It is forbidden to work with Afghan women, NGOs suspend their activities

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Three foreign organizations suspended their activities in Afghanistan on Sunday, December 25, after NGOs working with women were banned, a senior UN official warned that would be the case. ” very Difficult “ to continue humanitarian aid “If the Taliban stays the course”.

In a joint statement, Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE International announced the suspension of their activities pending the ban announcement issued by the Taliban on Saturday. “illustrated”.

sequel after announcement

In Afghanistan, the Taliban forbid girls to go to university

“We are suspending our programming, and we demand that men and women as equals continue to help us save lives in Afghanistan.”He explained the three associations at the end of a meeting that brought together senior UN officials and dozens of NGOs.

Half of Afghans need humanitarian aid

Afghanistan’s economy ministry on Saturday ordered all NGOs to stop working with women or risk having their operating license suspended. It was not clear whether the directive applied to foreign workers in NGOs.

In the letter sent to local and international NGOs, the ministry explained that it made this decision after receiving it “serious complaints” The women working there were not respectful of their dress “Islamic veil”. In Afghanistan, women are forced to cover their entire face and body.

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“If (the Taliban authorities) cannot reverse this decision and find a solution to this problem, it will be very difficult to pursue and provide humanitarian assistance in an independent and equitable manner, because women’s participation is very important.”The UN coordinator for humanitarian affairs in Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, told AFP.

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“We don’t want to immediately suspend aid because it will harm the Afghan people.”He continued, noting the effect “destructive” the country’s already battered economy. “It was a five billion dollar savings and he only has three.”pointed out. We will discuss this with the authorities. We will insist that this change.”Ramiz Alakbarov added.

In Afghanistan, the war is against women

According to the United Nations and aid agencies, more than half of the country’s 38 million people need humanitarian aid during the harsh winter. Dozens of organizations operate in remote parts of Afghanistan and many of their employees are women.

“The ban will affect all aspects of humanitarian work, as female employees occupy key positions in projects targeting vulnerable groups of women in the country.”A senior official of a foreign non-governmental organization told AFP on Sunday.

“Hell for a woman”

From Berlin, German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock on Sunday called for clear reaction from the international community. “Those who exclude women and girls from work, education and public life are not only destroying their country. […] Persecution on the basis of gender can constitute a crime against humanity.”The minister tweeted, adding that “We will not accept the Taliban making humanitarian aid an issue of contempt for women.”.

sequel after announcement

In Afghanistan, public baths and gyms are now off-limits to women

“This latest flagrant rollback of girls’ and women’s rights will have far-reaching consequences for the provision of health, nutrition and education services to children.”UNICEF Regional Director George Larrea-Adji tweeted.

“There are 15 of us in my family and I am the sole breadwinner, if I lose my job my family will starve”Shahd Shabana, 24, an employee of an NGO in Kabul. “As it celebrates the coming of the New Year, Afghanistan has become a hell for women”she added.

“We will come back stronger than ever”

Not wanting to reveal her name for fear of Taliban reprisals, she was seen by another 27-year-old Afghan woman, who was going to start working on Sunday for an international NGO. “dreams fly”. “The hard work I’ve done in recent years in education has been shattered.”She said. But we are brave enough not to accept bans and fight for our rights. It may take some time but if we believe in ourselves, we will come back stronger than ever.”.

The noose around women has been tightening in recent months. The Taliban movement, which returned to power in August 2021, less than a week ago, prevented them from attending public and private universities, for the same reasons for not respecting the dress code. They have previously been excluded from high school.

They were also barred from many public functions, could not travel without a male relative, and were ordered to cover themselves outside the home, ideally with a burqa. They are also not allowed into the parks.

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