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China gives up controversial Covid-19 statistics

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China’s National Health Commission, which acts as a ministry, announced on Sunday December 25 that it will no longer publish daily numbers of Covid cases and deaths, as it has been doing since the beginning of 2020.

No explanation was provided. But these statistics no longer reflect the unprecedented wave of pollution that has hit China since the policy’s strict health measures were abandoned on December 7. “Zero Covid”.

sequel after announcement

Covid: China faces an unprecedented wave, flooded crematoriums and emergencies

Previously, semi-compulsory PCR tests made it possible to reliably follow the epidemiological trend. But infected people now self-test at home and rarely report results to authorities, preventing reliable numbers from being obtained.

“They realize that they can no longer deceive people.”

“Starting today, we will no longer publish daily information about the epidemic.”said the National Health Commission. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will release information related to the outbreak, for reference and research purposes.It adds, without specifying the type or frequency of the data to be released by the CDC.

The Chinese, who saw a complete discrepancy between the infection of a large part of their relatives and the official statistics, greeted the announcement with derision. “Eventually they wake up and realize they can’t fool people anymore.” With undervalued numbers, a user of the Weibo social network writes.

China changes its way of counting Covid deaths and records zero deaths… despite an explosion in cases

“It was the best and biggest fake statistical office in the country.”says another. “Are there any crematorium workers here?” Are you overburdened? Can you talk about it? »calls the third.

sequel after announcement

500,000 pollution per day in one city

Several crematoriums interviewed by AFP recently reported an unusually large influx of bodies. A situation that has been largely ignored by the Chinese media. To some extent, however, it calls out to hospitals that are stressed in the face of patient arrivals and a shortage of anti-fever medication.

Another source of controversy that has distorted official statistics: according to a new methodology, people who died directly from Covid-related respiratory failure are counted as deceased from Covid.

With its management of Covid, China has weakened both politically and economically

China has reported only six deaths from Covid since restrictions were lifted. However, many seniors do not have a full vaccination schedule and find themselves on the front line of the virus.

Half a million people are infected daily in the city of Qingdao (east), which has a population of 10 million, according to estimates of a local official reported by official newspapers this week.

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