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Serial killer Charles Sobhraj, better known as “The Serpent”, has returned to France, claiming he is innocent

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French serial killer Charles Sobrage, 78, known as “The Serpent”, who was deported by the Nepali authorities after spending nearly twenty years there in prison for killing two North American tourists, returned to France on Saturday morning.

Suspected of about two dozen murders in the 1970s in Asia, the man who inspired a series broadcast on Netflix arrived at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on a flight from Doha (Qatar) and was immediately dealt with by the police. An AFP journalist was traveling with him.

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French serial killer Charles Soubrague, nicknamed “The Serpent”, to be set free

After, after “verify identity”Charles Sobhraj left the airport quietly, we learn from an airport source, letting down many of the journalists who were waiting for him.

Not being prosecuted in France, justice should not worry him. “There is nothing on him with us, he is not the subject of an arrest warrant. There is no sentence being served here, which is why he was sent off and not extradited.”A source familiar with the matter explained to “20 Minutes”. On the other hand, he could be subject to administrative control procedures, that is, to be discreetly monitored by the police.says the news site.

At the Indian Express, Charles Sobhraj said he was hopeful “To live many more years” and “to devote [sa vie] to me [sa] Girl.” “I will probably occupy myself with my books… writing and business.”he said again.


On the plane that took him to Doha, where he arrived on Friday evening, the septuagenarian confirmed to an AFP correspondent that he “innocent” crimes attributed to him.

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I’m innocent in all of these cases, okay? (…) Everything was built on forged documents »He said in this exclusive interview with Agence France-Presse. “I have a lot of things to do. I have to sue many people including the country of Nepal”.

“The judge, without examining any witness (…) and without allowing the accused to present the slightest argument, wrote the verdict”he added. “Nepal’s courts (…) all judges are biased”.

It took more than nineteen years for him to regain his freedom and I am very happy and very shocked.commented to the press his French lawyer, Me Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, who had come to pick him up at the airport. “He has been unjustly sentenced in a fabricated file with forged documents by the Nepali Police. It is a scandal, he is being presented as a serial killer, which is completely wrong.”.


Ruling on his release on Wednesday, Nepal’s Supreme Court said Charles Subraj needed open-heart surgery and the decision was in line with Nepalese law allowing the release of bedridden prisoners who have already experienced three-quarters of their pain.

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And ordered his deportation within 15 days to France.

Charles Sobhraj, who was wearing a medical mask, did not comment in front of the policemen who were wearing bulletproof vests, nor did he comment to the crowd of journalists who were waiting for him upon his release from prison.

And before announcing his transfer, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, for its part, that France would welcome him in the event that a request for his extradition was submitted. “report”.

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