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Infighting Among the Dominicans: The Jerusalem Conspiracy

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In the spring of 2022, Brother Dominique Marie’s Cabaret wanders for the last time among the labyrinthine shelves of the prestigious library of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem (IBAF). Outside, the garden of two hectares surrounded by high stone walls, where he often walked, is green again, and the square tower that dominates this temple of knowledge to which he has devoted so many years stands, immovable, a few hundred yards from the Damascus Gate. Famous and the Arab part of the city.

Sorrowful and bitter, Brother Cabaret caresses rare and sacred books sheltered in half-light, while reminiscing about the agonizing weeks he has just experienced, against the backdrop of personal or generational rivalry between the monks. But also internal and political wars. the brothers “Arab Orientalists” against these more “pro-Israel”And the “Bible Scholars” against “Archaeologists”. There is nothing enviable about his dear school, crossed by church quarrels, in the twilight atmosphere of The Name of the Rose, the famous novel by Umberto Eco.

A few days ago, the verdict fell, brutally and without appeal. He must leave Jerusalem. The Philippine brother Gerard Francisco III, the greatest teacher and supreme guide of the Dominican sect in the world, came to tell him personally during a quick interview as she was frozen. Dominique Marie Cabaret is introduced with his return to his home province of Toulouse.

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